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  1. CarbonMTN

    Would you?

    Looking for a budget (aka cheap) spotting scope to help spot my 17hmr and 22lr groups at 100 yards and maybe targets out to 1000 yards. Found THIS website selling older Redfield Rampage 20-60. To me, even thought this is an older/budget spotting scope this is a good deal to me, but is it to...
  2. CarbonMTN

    School me on SBR

    I really want to get the EDGE PDW, when I can find one... But I do have a few questions. My *CURRENT* understanding is that I can shoulder the brace? This will be a home defense rifle with the occasional range day trips. With the 5.5" barrel would kind of groups can I expect, 4" MOA @ 100...
  3. CarbonMTN


    Go to Remington's website and they are only showing ammo. I know Ruger acquired a portion, Vista outdoor got ammo and someone else got some? Does this mean that the name Remington will only be associated with "poor performance" (IMO) Ammo? I've always liked the Remington VTR with the triangle...
  4. CarbonMTN

    the awesome 300 Norma

    I need help with twist rates... I called a Pre-fit barrel company to find out some info, he and other people on this forum would say that 1/9 twist is what the Norma is optimized for. But when you go to a bullet manufactures website like Sierra and look at the 230 gr it recommends 1/8 or...
  5. CarbonMTN

    Dead Air nomad

    Okay, I need some clarification. On the Nomad 30 L what is the maximum caliber rating? When I called DA they say 300 Norma, DA brochure and silencershop both says 300 WM but the DA website says 30 Ultra mag. For my sanity and legal warranty purpose, I need to see where/ what is correct, so I as...
  6. CarbonMTN

    Please help with Norma build

    I've been wanting to get 300 Norma for a while now. To my knowledge, the only "factory" rifles are Christensen arms or Cadex Defense. But for those prices, I am wondering could I go to SAC (or another reliable/reputable gunsmith) and have them build me one? Mausingfield w/ 45 MOA rail. $1350...
  7. CarbonMTN

    Case OAL

    Okay, so with the crazy low/no ammo inventory I thought I would pick up reloading. I've keep all my factory shot brass ( hornady, norma, PPU and sig sauer)that I shot out of my Tikka 223 (couple hundred rounds). So Sierra reloading book says that the Case OAL is to be 1.76. When I measure MY...
  8. CarbonMTN

    powder burn

    did a google and form search, nothing came up. Also I could be useless at searching things. I'm trying to figure out if I am burning all my powder or if I can go longer barrel to burn more powder and get more speed. Is there a way to tell?
  9. CarbonMTN

    another suppressor

    I've got a Omega 300 but I want to get another suppressor just for my new bolt gun. Would the OSS 556 TI be a good suppressor to use on a 223 bolt gun? I know OSS are geared towards a AR type rifle but for the same price as most other cans are they compatible in sounds reduction for bolt...
  10. CarbonMTN


    Thinking about picking up a Savage 110 Elite in 223. thoughts? It's been years sense I've had a savage and just like most american rifle company they have had their ups and downs.
  11. CarbonMTN

    Henry lever

    I am in the market for a tactical 30-30 lever action. I know that there is the UGLY Mossburg and Marlin 336 Dark. Does anyone have an inside to when/if Henry will come out with a Big Boy X in a 30-30?
  12. CarbonMTN

    Looking to move

    When this COVID calms down, the company I work for is looking to open up a new business in Idaho falls/Bonneville County, ID area. I was wondering if any of the members here live(d) here. Is it a nice family town? How easy is it to find a 1000 yard + gun range? Any good off roading near...
  13. CarbonMTN

    How the 17HMR

    I mean I am a decent shot with my 17HMR but the ammo quality isnt there (then again this guy hand loads his 17hmr) and this dude does SUB MOA at 1000 yards. something seems off to me and the facts that you can hear the little wind in the video, when did wind and rimfire become friends? Not...
  14. CarbonMTN

    ultra sonic

    Should I buy once, cry once and get the RCBS Cleaner 2 or just the a cheap Hornady? Please and thank you for your help.
  15. CarbonMTN

    get or wait for the Ruger 57

    I love the 5.7, I'm super glad Ruger is coming out with the RUGER 57. Next they just need to come out with the Ruger American bolt gun in 5.7 and I'll be in heaven.... BUT this is my question. I want one... like bad but I want a threaded barrel to go with it SO I can put my OSS RAD22 on it...
  16. CarbonMTN

    t1x bolt knob

    anyone know where I can get that Sterk bolt?
  17. CarbonMTN

    Savage 17 HMR

    Its a new year so its time I buy a new toy..... I'm looking at these two savages but cannot make my mind up. B-17 FVCSR or 93R17 TRR SR Help me please choose
  18. CarbonMTN

    Suppressor tumbler cleaning

    I just got a Frankford tumbler to clean my brass and was wondering can I put my OSS RAS 22 baffles in with pins and a solution to clean or even dry media. Or is the correct way is by ultra sonic only?
  19. CarbonMTN

    Berger VLD

    So I am just getting into reloading and pick some 80 gr to do on my first load..... This is what Berger says how to load it.. "A favorite load technique for the VLD’s is touching the rifling for single-shot applications, although some rifles may prefer as much as .150″ from the rifling." As...
  20. CarbonMTN

    17 hmr new gun advice

    Would be used for plinking and varmint hunting. CZ 457 Varmint or the 457 Lux because I do like iron sights. Tikka T1X 17 hmr Savage 93R17 TRR SR. Browning T-bolt Target/Varmint Which would you choose and why? Still wish I could get my hands on the Sako Quad.........