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  1. Whiplash6.5

    Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 Mil/Mil Floating cross

    Thinking about trading this optic with less magnification, looking to trade up . I’m the original owner glass and body are flawless, well taken care of. Let me know what y’all have.
  2. Whiplash6.5

    Harris S 6-9” with extras- $170

    Transitioning to tripod shooting due to high brush in my area. So up for sale is my Harris S 6-9” with Badger low profil Picatinny Mount (non quick detach), podlock, and a set of Kns snapfoot kit which includes spiked feet, standard Harris feet, and flat disc type feet. A little disclaimer I...
  3. Whiplash6.5

    Reloading bench clean out

    Hornady lock-n-load auto Charge powder scale and dispenser- sold Hornady lock-n-load Powder dispenser- sold
  4. Whiplash6.5

    New build!

    Just pulled the trigger on a 300 prc build this morning. Parts list- Bighorn Origin LA TriggerTech single stage trigger 26” Benchmark 1-9 m24 prefit from Straight Jacket Armory KRG Bravo 5 round 3.850 Accurate mag I will update with pictures and a range report within the next few months.
  5. Whiplash6.5

    WTB Bighorn Origin action

    As the title states looking to buy a Bighorn Origin action with 308 bolt face.
  6. Whiplash6.5

    Shoutout to Doug at CameraLandNY- Athlon Cronus

    Thanks for the great customer service and delivering two awesome optics! If you are looking to buy high quality optics at great prices then give the guys at camera land a call!
  7. Whiplash6.5

    Stockdoc works his magic again!

    First class guy, quick turnaround, and amazing craftsmanship. Can’t wait to try her out!
  8. Whiplash6.5

    Koozie cheek pad

    As the title says I used a standard koozie and 8 of my wife's pony tail holders I came up with this. Steps: 1) Cut the bottom out on the Koozie 2) Find proper placement on the stock 3) Use a standard nail to puncture one hole in each of the four corners and two in the center. 4) Thread the...
  9. Whiplash6.5

    Joined the 6.5 club!

    As my first post on Hide I would like to show off my new Rem 700 6.5 Creedmoor. Specs: Rem 700 action 24 inch Medium Palma Bartlien 1:8 twist cerekote-Patriot brown Vias muzzle brake 5/8x24 Timney trigger set to 2.5lbs Ptg m5 bottom metal Magpul 5 round mag leupold 15 moa steel base Medium...