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  1. SBGreen0369

    WTS: TT Diamond 2-stage, RH, Curved. Like NEW $260

    picked this up recently from another hide member on an impact action. I prefer my BnA TacSport Pro Sell for $260 shipped
  2. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Like New Manners MCS-CS2, elite

    STOCK Specs: Manners MCS-CS2 Elite carbon Sage Flats Rem700 inlet, Proof SENDERO contour, Gen2 mini chassis. 2 flush cups left side, bipod stud. 9 position LOP 11-1/8” from recoil lug to end of fore end Fore end wide enough to accept EFR 3piece kydex spacer kit for comb height adjustment 1 new...
  3. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Tenebraex Caps for Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 $60

    Both caps come with the adapters. Made a little booboo on the ocular adapter when i took it off. once they're on they're really on there! doesn't impede functionality $60 shipped USPS Priority Check out the photos and PM with questions.
  4. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: AADLAND Exact-Fit scope caps for Tangent Theta 5-25x56 $65

    $65 shipped USPS Priority Please check out the photos and PM with any questions. Thanks
  5. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: LNIB Spuhr SP-4602 (34mm, 20MOA, 1.5" height) $350

    Box, instructions, wedge, extra screws included. 34mm tube. 6MIL/20.6MOA cant, 1.5" height can't find a mark on it $350 shipped CONUS
  6. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Tangent Theta TT-525P Gen2XR $3650

    Recently acquired an AIAX and AXSR so I'm doing a little purge. TT 5-25x56 mil/mil, Gen2XR reticle Tracks as it should, glass is clear, clicks are clear and distinct, bright illumination. There are a couple very small marks on the scope that i've taken photos of. Price $SOLD shipped/insured...
  7. SBGreen0369

    SOLD SOLD: Rem700/Proof CF 6.5CM $1425 shipped

    Just bought an AXSA and an AXSR so I need to consolidate a bit. I built this as a hunting rifle and got a little carried away. Rig weighs about 9lb as pictured without the scope ACTION: Rem700 action trued by Tier One Defense, Union NJ. Badger .312 lug (bottom slightly relieved to fit AX AICS...
  8. SBGreen0369

    WTB: Vudoo V22 (Gen2) 18” proof cf BA

    Looking for what’s stated in the title. might take an entire rifle setup too if It tickles my peepee in just the right way. if you have extra ammo/mags etc, I’ll probably buy that too. have gun will travel, have $$$$ will spend!
  9. SBGreen0369

    ALL SOLD Pelican 1750, Pelican Air 1605, Case Club 10 pistol. **CHEAP**

    These are a bitch to ship... awkward, heavy, and expensive which is why i'm pricing them low. None of these have been used for travel and are in basically perfect condition. These will ship as is. No over box but i will put zip-ties through the lock spots and tape over all handles. Case #1...
  10. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: NEW Schmidt Bender 5-20 Ultrashort

    Scope/mount purchased brand new by me from EuroOptic in August 2020. It's leveled in the Spuhr Ultrashort mount and i added the AADLAND throw lever. None of it has ever seen the light of day and has been in my safe since purchase. Not a single mark, blemish or smudge anywhere on the optic or...
  11. SBGreen0369

    Found: AADLAND Throw lever for TT

    Don't know if the Levers that Jon makes are interchangeable between the TT525P and TT315P but i'm looking for one. Cash ready. PM with photo and price. Thanks
  12. SBGreen0369


    Looking for a set of ARC rings. 34mm tube and either the 28mm or 24mm height Don't mind used as long as the torquing bolts are in good shape. PM me photos and shipped price. Thanks
  13. SBGreen0369


    New or used, makes no difference as long as the inner/outer threads are good. shoot me a PM with photos and price shipped. Thanks
  14. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: M24 Trigger (USMC M40A3, M40A5, A6)

    Was saving this for an A5 build bit that’s not in the cards right now. Real deal issued M24 trigger. Not many of these in good shape still floating around before taking photos, I installed it in my rifle and checked function. Clean brake around 2.5lb ships USPS Priority mail $425 Paypal...
  15. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: EoTech G33.STS black 3x magnifier

    Purchased a few months ago from another member on here. Works perfectly. couple very small marks here and there but the lenses are free from scratches/debris. Has the offset elbow mount attached that it comes with from the factory. I don't have the box. $375 shipped (lower 48)
  16. SBGreen0369

    Bix’n Andy 2 stage TacSport PRO sear question

    Ordered a new BnA trigger from BC destined for a standard Remington 700 short action. I fully intend to break out my calipers and measure per BC’s instructions but is anyone else running a BnA on a standard Rem700 action that can speak to the sear size they’re using? Trigger ships with a...
  17. SBGreen0369


    Front and rear tough caps with both adapters. made a little booboo taking off the ocular adapter (see photo). Still works fine, in fact it’s easier to get on and off now. $70 shipped for all (CONUS) ocular cap - A2555 Oc adapter - SB50EC AR(A2141) Objective cap - A2348 Ob threaded adapter...
  18. SBGreen0369


    AA Mini concealment holster for all glock models gen 3-5 (except 42-43,43x,48) $35 shipped g19 w/ RMR $30 shipped SOLD g43 w/RMR $30 shipped shipping is for CONUS, no trades
  19. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Badger USMC 1.0”/ 34mm rings

    Lightly used badger ordnance USMC rings $130 shipped
  20. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Sinclair Scope Ring lapping kit (1”, 30mm, 34mm)

    These have never been used and have been sitting in my safe for about 4 years. Still look brand new and comes with 3 new containers of lapping compound. $100 shipped for all of it (CONUS)