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  1. davidb187

    What would happen if they shut the Hide down?

    Don't know maybe host it in another country. Using a vpn to connect??
  2. davidb187

    Cip mags in Rem 700 la work? No mods

    You'll probably need to inlet the stock for a CIP (3.85") bottom metal if your's a factory stock
  3. davidb187

    Wile E. Coyote dies in steam powered rocket crash

    Natural selection..?‍♂️
  4. davidb187

    Head of ISIS dead?

    An taking the chance the next one will be wiser.
  5. davidb187

    Head of ISIS dead?

    More likely for money.
  6. davidb187

    Pick two calibers

    6 dasher for target shooting 300 win mag for hunting
  7. davidb187

    Justin Trudeau

    You're talking about Montreal my friend. I live in rural Quebec prov. Different animals. Problem is Montreal's almost half the population and you only hear about those fuckers.
  8. davidb187

    How fucked up has it gotten in Mexico?

    I've heard something similar about 18 years ago... just saying..
  9. davidb187

    Now feminists hate the way we sit

    October 21th. Can't wait. He'll most probably cry.. again..
  10. davidb187

    Now feminists hate the way we sit

    Enough is enough. Well throw him out this fall.
  11. davidb187

    Triggertech Special For $125.99

    At that price i'll take one.
  12. davidb187

    Triggertech Special For $125.99

    Yes we got one too
  13. davidb187

    Triggertech Special For $125.99

    Yes we got one too.
  14. davidb187

    Name that critter

    Almost sure it's what we call here in French a "pékan". Smaller than a badger same bad attitude.
  15. davidb187

    Why the 6.5 CM hate ?

    Just wait a couple of years with the introduction of Norma dasher brass and savage prefit barrels chambered in 6 DASHER..
  16. davidb187

    I need some cosmoline

    Lee Liquid Alox?
  17. davidb187

    Snipers.... Let me know HERE, whom else you want posted about.

    How about Leo Major. Canadian sniper nicknamed the one eyed ghost? You can read about him on Wikipedia.