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  1. FN-Whitney

    WTS: Waxed Canvas Optimized Game Changer

    Brand new Waxed Canvas Optimized GameChanger with standard fill. $100 shipped PayPal F&F.
  2. FN-Whitney

    WTS: GrayOps Mini Plate Pro with AG Pad

    Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro with Armageddon Gear Pad. Comes with the sand and poly fill so you can decide which you prefer. $300 PayPal F&F shipped.
  3. FN-Whitney

    WTS: NIB RimX 22lr

    NIB RimX 22lr 40MOA base Tactical Bolt knob, right handed. I have too much going on and this needs to find a new home. Only took it out of the box when I picked it up and now for the pics. PayPal F&F shipped to your FFL or if you are in the Tennessee Tri-Cities area you can pick up local...
  4. FN-Whitney

    WTS Sig Sauer Elite Performance 6CM

    Sig Sauer Elite Performance 6CM loaded with 107gr Sierra MatchKing. 192 rounds same lot. $200 TYD except to states that don’t allow ammo shipping to individuals. If you are in the TN Tri-Cities area you can pick up for $180. PP F&F.
  5. FN-Whitney

    Vortex 50% off Certificate up to $850

    Vortex 50% off certificate up to $850 good until 10-21-2021 Price $200
  6. FN-Whitney

    Federal Gold Medal Berger 6CM 105

    I’m curious, what MV are people seeing on this factory ammo and what barrel length?
  7. FN-Whitney

    VaderRubiconJK is GTG

    I sold a bag to VaderRubiconJK and the communication and payment was fast and easy. He is an excellent hide member.
  8. FN-Whitney

    Armageddon Gear WC Pint Sized GC Heavy Fill Tan

    I bought this about a month ago but it’s just not for me. Only been used for dry fire training, perfect condition. I am having trouble uploading pics so if you want to see it PM me and we will work it out. $55 Shipped PayPal F&F only.
  9. FN-Whitney

    6 CM build, not sure about barrel length?

    I am considering building a 6 CM for PRS comp's next year. What barrel length and twist do you find to be the best for the 6 CM? I plan on starting off with Federal Gold Berger 105's, if they work well, and then moving into reloading later.
  10. FN-Whitney

    Short Action Precision, Great Customer Service

    If anybody is looking for gear I would like to recommend SAP. Great groups of people, customer service is fantastic, I just can't say enough about this organization.
  11. FN-Whitney

    Bad 100yd groups but excellent down range performance.

    Ok I know this is some type of mental error and probably just sloppy fundamentals but over the last year I have started shooting PRS style matches and one of my big weaknesses was speed, I was slow on my shots. I have been working on that and I have improved greatly but I also have noticed my...
  12. FN-Whitney

    In need of a new PRS pack.

    I need a new prs pack, I was looking at the mystery ranch scree 32. Just curious what everybody else was using without getting too large.
  13. FN-Whitney

    Novice question about slam fire, need some help.

    I just installed a Trigger Tech Special into my 700 and I am getting slam fires, not every time but when I run the bolt home extremely hard it happens. I have adjusted the weight from 1.5 to 3 and it still happens. I have contacted TT but I am wondering if there is anything else that might be...