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    AICS AX Chassis Short Action

    Selling a very good condition AICS AX Chassis for a Remington 700 short action or clone. Stock was used on a 223 barreled action on a bench. $1200 OBO Shipped CONUS. TEXT ME DO NOT PM 818 39eight 73 zero one Verse
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    New Eotech XPS2 Green Reticle

    Brand new XPS2 GREEN RETICLE!!!!! perfect. Mounted never shot Going different direction. $525 OBO PayPal friends and family or you pay fees. Shipped CONUS. I paid over $600 for this optic. TEXT DO NOT PM!!! 818 three 98 730 one.
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    WTS Nightforce C464 1-4 FC 3G Like New

    I have a couple like new Nightforce C464 1-4 with FC 3G reticle which is the BDC reticle. It is ZERO STOP, NVD compatible, 30mm tube with power throw lever its MOA. Comes with box papers, covers, etc. JUST LIKE NEW!!!!! GLASS IS PERFECT as well. NO TIRE KICKERS or POST WHORES NEEDED. IF...
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    WTB Manners EH3 Long Action

    In need of Manners EH3 Defiance Deviant Long Action with Bottom Metal Cut Out. Inlet for Bartlein #3 contour. Text me 818 398 73 zero one. Thanks
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    AI Chasis For Sale

    AI Chasis for sale great condition all parts pieces and screws you see. $1450 shipped CONUS. USPS MO, Venmo or PP Friends and Family. TEXT ME ONLY 818 39eight 73 zero one.
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    6CM Bullets, Brass, Dies and Blocks.

    TEXT ME TEXT ME TEXT ME TEXT ME. DONT PM ME!!!!! I have the following for sale. 100 6mm Berger 125gr VLD Hunting. $40 shipped 150 pieces fired and or neck trimmed 6CM brass. $$75 shipped 2 Billet 6CM Loading Blocks $55 shipped Redding 6CM Competition Seating Die $125 shipped Redding 6CM FL...
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    WTS Nightforce 1-8x24 F1 C597 NIB

    NEW IN BOX SEAL UNBROKEN Nightforce ATACR C597 1-8x24 F1 .1 Mil Radian $2500 shipped CONUS USPS MO or PayPal you pay fees. Text 81eight 39eight 73zero one
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    Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR FFP C545 for Sale

    I have a couple like new in perfect condition Nightforce C545’s for Sale 5-25x56 34mm Tube First Focal Plane MOA MOA MOAR RETICLE Box and papers like it would come new. Pictures available. $2425 Shipped CONUS OBO. USPS Money Order or PayPal friends and family or PayPal you pay fees...
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    Rifle Building Teacher?

    I remember reading a while back there was a guy you could go build your bolt gun with and he would teach you as it was being built. Anyone know who that was and or if he’s still doing it?
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    Bushing Die Question

    If I’m using a Redding Full Body Bushing Die wouldn’t the sizing button on the decapping rod undo the sizing of the neck the bushing did on the down stroke.
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    Redding Decapping Rod Question

    Are the decapping rods the same for the competition bushing dies as the regular full length sizing dies? Will the same caliber rod from the competition die work in the regular full length die? are they the same length?
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    Mile High Shooting

    Not sure if this is the place but wanted to throw out some props about these guys. They have an incredible selection of quality stuff, great prices and UNBELIEVABLE customer service. THANKS Mile High. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    35mm to 34mm reducing bushings for SPUHR mount.

    Is there a good way to reduce a SPUHR 35mm mount to mount a 34mm tube with? Without spending another $400?
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    Nightforce screw in the center of turret screw under turret cap. What's it for?

    What is the screw inside the center of the elevation screw under the elevation turret for and or do? This is regarding a Nightforce NSX 5.5-22 HS ZS Model.
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    Really frustrated with US Optics Zero Stop PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm trying to adjust the zero stop and have looked all over including the videos but keep ending up with about 20 clicks below zero for the zero stop. When I'm zeroed and turn the knob while holding the allen wrench it bottoms out and both the knob and the wrench start to turn clockwise...
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    Jewell TRS in AX chasis

    Dropped in my 591R with a Jewell trigger into my AX and the safety won't work. Is there any detriment other than the safety not working? Will it break the trigger or affect accuracy? How much and where is the relief required? Any pictures of the relieved area as well? Sent from my iPhone...
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    140 Berger in 6.5 Gets Stuck In Feed Ramp GAP 10

    I loaded up some 6.5 Creedmore 140 VLD Hunting rounds mag length and bullet gets stuck in the feed ramp of my GAP 10. I tried shortening them however it seems the bullet is too thin from tip to ogive to feed properly and wedges in between the teeth. I've only shot the Hornady Factory ammo...
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    Firing Pin Releases When Bolt Closes

    I've got a Remington 700 with a Jewell Trigger and when I close the bolt the bolt usually does not stay cocked and when I just cock it without cycling it it always does not stay cocked. I've changed the trigger out to a stock Rem. trigger and the same thing happens but maybe not quite as...
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    Question on the POF Hunter Hand Guard Length

    Does anyone know what the various available lengths are for the HSR in the 308 configuration and where to get it. I only see the one length on there website. I have a GAP 10 and the 308 upper has a shorter handguard while my 6.5 Creedmore has the longer upper. I would like to get the longer...