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    Nicholas Irving

    I read a book by Herbert Mcbride many years ago and Im thinking hes not full of shit nor is the late great Gunny.. Nick aint hard to get a hold of so why dont you just contact him yourself and decide for yourself.
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    Nicholas Irving

    Why? and who the fuck are you? If you really needed to know you would already talked to someone hes close with.
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    Well, Black Rifle Coffee, that was stupid, wasn't it?... "We do not support Kyle Rittenhouse or his legal defense efforts".

    Try Illy if they have it, usually next to Lavazza on the shelf..
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    China says Americans owning guns is a serious problem...

    Should have let Gen. Mac nuke the Chinese....
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    Attention Shoppers. Here is where to NOT buy your coffee. LINKS TO VOLCANIC COFFEE NOW IN THREAD

    BRCC is so overrated coffee.I got the shit for free and regifted it. BRCC could rebrand folgers and fools would still buy it at a premium..Just like most of the other operator lifestyle brand shit out there. Best coffee comes from Kenya, Jamaica, Kona ect and not roasted buy some "tactical...
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    I would wait until Skunk comes back with better info from the original source. This new owner group doesnt know a lot about USO history and WTF is up with the smurf colored logo now..remember the badass USO t-shirts back in the day? I should have hoarded the hell out of them.
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    FBI Sniper Rifles

    Skunk im sure could answer your question.
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    Kyle is out of jail

    We've had better shills on this site.
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    Kyle is out of jail

    Nope...I slapped the bitch for not aborting you.
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    Kyle is out of jail

    Nice narrative there fuckface...too bad you didnt get shot along with your "brave" rapist boyfriend.
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    Thank you 168!!! Been chasing one of these for years! USO SN-9

    Very cool piece of history! When USO had really good people working there.
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    Sleep system

    I have several Wiggys bags and they are incredibly warm but they pack about as well enough to fit in a sea bag. IMO opinion the MSS is without equal and I slept OK in -30F without a tent on a foam pad. The MSS bag with the Goretex bivvy can save your life and has saved my ass and many people i...
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    EOTech: Junk & sorry CS or isolated incident?

    Its a guy i know works there (Eotech and Elite were bought by the same company. He (Dennis) can get you in touch with someone to help you ASAP.
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    EOTech: Junk & sorry CS or isolated incident?

    @Lynn313 Email this person Dennis Finnegan Youll be taken care of ASAP.
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    Half-Face Blades enthusiasts thread

    Hey man just give them a call or email and let them know you're retired SOF and they will take care of you like they do for all the local ones. Im more of Winkler fan but I do have a first run Karmabito he made for me that I do treasure and recently touched up by them from years of carry. They...
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    Jocko on Donald Trumps Leadership

    OMG you called him a descendant from Nazi? WTF...:ROFLMAO: Ok and your kind started the slave trade....
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    ERA-TAC adjustable mount.

    I have the 34mm version and its typical German engineering and quality. I have adjusted it in the field and can do so very easily and other end users I know also adjust in the field without issues. I dont like adding too much initial cant on the mount for a 100M zero as it produces a lot of...
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    WTB: MK11 Mod 0 Simrad Cap (30mm)

    I have a used one I can send a pic if you give me your number. James