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  1. McNamara0851

    Shattered the lens in my Pulsar Axion XM38. Anyone from the Pulsar camp on here? Yes, there are pictures for those who like to watch people suffer.

    I will start by saying that I’m a dumbass, before anyone else beats me to it. This is not a slam to Pulsar, as I have beat on this unit pretty good with no issues, until now. Last night I was headed to hunt with a friend 20 minutes south of my house. On the way, I scanned our railroad ditch...
  2. McNamara0851

    1:10T 6mm Creedmoor Carbon Wrapped Barrel for Impact.

    22” carbon wrapped Lilja blank chambered and threaded by Brian Allen of A-Team Precision. I bought this from a friend of Brian for a project that never came together. It had 200 rounds on it then. I ran 15-20 rounds through it to find pressure in my load work up and that’s as far as I got...
  3. McNamara0851

    WTB 34MM Badger Simrad Cap

    Looking for a 34mm 6 screw Simrad cap.
  4. McNamara0851

    Pulsar Axion XM38 Thermal Scanner

    I purchased this scanner new from Scott Eby last year. I hunted Illinois coyotes with it, with very good success. It’s shows normal wear from being used. It has ~2 years of factory warranty remaining, and I will stand behind it in the event that it needs to be sent in. Looking to get $1900...
  5. McNamara0851

    WTS: Vortex/Seekins 34mm 1.1” Scope Rings- $100 TYD

    For sale or trade for a 34mm badger Simrad cap.
  6. McNamara0851

    WTT H-59 Bushnell Elite 4.5-30x50 XRS2 for DMR Pro or Gen 2 Razor 3-18

    I don’t have as much time to shoot during the day as I used to, so I’d like to trade my H-59 XRS 2 for a lower power optic to gain some FOV for my NV clip ons. Please message me with offers. Thanks.
  7. McNamara0851

    How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does a sun set? How exactly does a posi-trac rear-end on a Plymouth work?

    How exactly does the first round flyer on a cold fouled bore happen, and more importantly what causes it in an AR-10? After a brief search I recognized the Hide’s need for another cold bore thread. This particular example is an extreme case in my personal experience. I have done tests on...
  8. McNamara0851

    Reloder 26 in stock

    #1’ers in stock at powder valley as of 4:45am 9/3.
  9. McNamara0851

    WTB: Sierra .224 cal 77gr. TMK

    Looking to buy 500 or so. Thanks.
  10. McNamara0851

    Alpha Munitions 22 Creedmoor Brass

    96 total pieces of 22 creedmoor brass + 1 modified case that I spun up in the lathe. 21 of them are once fired from a Craddock AR-10 66 are NIB untouched 9 were chamfered, deburred, and primed. I knocked the primers out after I decide to go a new route, never fired. In summary 75 new, 21...
  11. McNamara0851

    Best way to ship frozen meat across the country?

    We’ve been discussing freezer beef in another thread. A member from California inquired about getting a 1/4 from me and having it shipped. I’m willing to do it for him just for shits and giggles. We are checking around to see what the damage will be. Total weight will be 150#+. Who has...
  12. McNamara0851

    34MM Badger Unimount, 30MM Seekins Rings, 30MM Vortex Cantilever Mount, 30MM AADMOUNT Cantilever Mount

    These are all in used condition, but function as they should. Prices do not include shipping. Items will ship in a $7.00 usps flat rate box. I will combine shipping on multiple items. Looking to trade for a 34mm ~1.3” Spuhr mount, or 34mm/30mm badger rings that will accept a Simrad cap. If...
  13. McNamara0851

    Bluetooth Electronic Earplugs, Feedback Wanted. I’ve been wanting a set of passive earplugs with Bluetooth to wear while night calling as well as on the farm. I wear earbuds every single day, so I don’t mind spending a little money on them. I ordered a set of these GS Extremes today, and I was wondering if...
  14. McNamara0851

    Who has run a 1-8, 2-10 scope behind a Simrad?

    I hunt coyotes in central Illinois with a 203 Simrad. For the last two seasons I’ve been really happy with the 4-14 SHV F1 behind it, but I believe there are better options. I’ve come to realization that my FOV is shit with this setup. I lost at least two coyotes last night that I couldn’t...
  15. McNamara0851

    WTB: Tiggertech AR Diamond

    Building a 22 creed AR10 on a natty light budget. Might consider the adaptable version as well.
  16. McNamara0851

    WTB quality 22 creedmoor reloading dies and brass

    Working on a coyote rifle for next season. Looking to buy a decent set of dies and some brass. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  17. McNamara0851

    WTB .224 8 twist blank, or 22 creed barrel for an Impact.

    I’m working on a new coyote rifle. Looking for an 8 twist or slower .224 blank, carbon or steel. Would also consider a 22 creedmoor barrel for an impact, but it must be 8 twist or slower. My 7.7t on my 22-250AI blows the TMKs apart around 3500. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  18. McNamara0851

    WTT Bushnell XRS2 H-59

    I’m looking to trade into a gen2 Razor. Must be Mil. Open to other offers within reason. More pictures to come.
  19. McNamara0851

    Pulsar Axion XM38 Thermal

    Due to time constraints, last winter I got into night hunting coyotes in central Illinois. I purchased a 203 Simrad, and until now I was scanning with my rifle. I ordered an XM38 from Scott Eby. This is my first go with thermal, but I am extremely pleased. I was hoping to be able to detect...
  20. McNamara0851

    WTB: 223 AICS magazine

    Preferably steel.