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    7lb 5oz Ti 375 H$H Satterlee M98

    This rifle is amazing. The action is amazing. I wish I could like it more than once.
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    Your going to need a gunsmith to do the work.
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    Winchester Model 70

    LRI would be(and is) my choice for rebarreling anything, but especially a m70. Is it a push feed or controlled round feed? IF you dont want a 264 win mag I would look to 7mm mag or 300prc.
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    If you were only going to have one caliber?

    Just about anything will work. Me, I'd get a 308 and save up for a 300 mag of some flavor. I just refuse to become part of the 6.5 creed group. I'd shoot a 260 and x47 way before that...
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    R700 parts list seem ok?

    Looking good.
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    Remington 700 Action Trueing

    LRI- keep the factory threads so you have options later. Tier 2 is the one. Also have him fit what ever barrel you want. Several excellent Smith's out there, but LRI is at the top and FAST.
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    Sony Mirrorless Cameras

    Sony hands down. Sony FF lenses are good. Sony G-Master are great. Sigma Art line is as good and made for sony. Sony has smart adapters for other lenses(we have a Sony adapter for canon lens. Works 100%). More pixels isn't necessarily better. You need more memory(bigger cards) that are...
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    R700 parts list seem ok?

    Seems fine but I would go with a Badger floorplate or DBM. I always wanted a m40a1 clone with a dbm tho.
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    My thoughts on Remington

    Nothing. It's still pretty inexpensive for them to manufactor. If they switched to a barrel nut system it would save some money as well. The fact that Remington sells 700 rifles for $399 on the regular shows that it's not expensive to make. My hope is the clean up their manufacturing process...
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    My thoughts on Remington

    The 700 just needs to be made properly and Remington needs to make some effort in giving people what they want. If they can do that, bid them fair well.
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    Springfield Armory Bolt Action

    Make one with a heavy barrel and I'm in..
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    Loose Threads Solved

    Step 1 when threading; Confirm thread you need. He missed that step.
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    Three barrels, one action, need three cartridges.

    22 creed, 6mm creed, 25 creed, 338wsm. Cause they dont have a 338 creed. But I'm pretty sure with that much creedmoor you cant miss....
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    short barreled 6.5x47L

    I would go 6.5x47 just so I wouldn't have a creedmoor... Dont listen to me tho, I shot 30Hate.
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    What was done to this AI AW makes me sad

    I'd rock it. Still cheaper than a new AI...
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    By request, 5 axis Winchester M70 Blueprint video.

    Hey Chad are you going to start producing DBMs for these? I've said it before and I'll say it again, when my SPR needs rebarreled it's going to LRI for the full treatment.
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    Thoughts on FN SPR upgrade

    I'm in the same boat for DBM. I will NOT go chassis on this rifle. I am going to go with the FN kit unless LRI comes out with a m70/fn spr DBM kit in the next 6 months.
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    Federal .308 168gr vs 175gr accuracy?

    My rifle prefers 168. Just more consistent inside 300 yards. Past that the 175s take over.
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    Barreled Action Recommendations

    Flip a coin on Krieger vs Bartlien. My choice would be what ever they have in stock, to include Brux, Hawk Hill and Proof stainless.
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    Diagnosing scope issues?

    I dont have a second optic of power high enough to test on the rifle. My other optic is a 1-4.5 that I really dont think would evaluate the rifle. I have asked my buddy if we can swap scopes from one of his rifles to this one. I have taken the rings off and checked the torque on everything. I...