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    TRG-22 Purchase

    Quite some time ago I had posted regarding TRG-22 barrel lengths. At the time I had decided on the 20” as it would be wearing a suppressor. Long story short, I purchased the optic (from Lazy!), mount, suppressor, and a case before the project fell to the wayside and the parts sat in the safe...
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    TRG-22 Barrel Length

    Im getting ready to bite the bullet on a new TRG-22 and am wondering what folks thoughts are on barrel length. I'm leaning towards the 20", though I don't really have any justifiable reasons for this. If my timing is right, the gun/optics/can should arrive around the same time, and it will...
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    New England/New Hampshire

    Are the any natives to New Hampshire, or the New England area for that matter?? Im in the Lakes Region area of New Hampshire.
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    USO Options and Opinions for bolt action .308

    I'm putting together my first long range rifle. Ive decided to run with .308 caliber as I think it will be the best platform for me to learn with and master the basics while maintaining affordable and easily available ammo. I'm also limited to 1,000 yards and below at most all of the places...