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    Input on format for a little change up

    I would cut the time down to 90 seconds. Forces the shooter to choose between potentially timing out or shooting faster than his abilities and picking up penalty time. Also, 10 seconds per miss might prove excessive. 5 seconds per miss, 10 seconds per failure to impact might be interesting.
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    NF 7-35 vs ZCO 5-27

    I have shot the 7x35 ATACR and the ZCO 5x27 side by side. The light conditions varied throughout the day. In some light conditions I preferred the ATACR, in others I preferred the ZCO. I did like the parallax adjustment better on the ZCO and in heavy mirage the ZCO definitely seems to offer a...
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    Meat Processing Grinder

    I have had good luck with my Weston grinder but the one I have is bigger that what you are looking to spend. I believe mine is either the .75HP unit.
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    Best PRS Division For Beginner?

    The local matches that I attend do not even have recognized divisions. A 6.5 or 6 Creedmoor will serve you well. For barrel life the 6.5 would be a good choice.
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    WTS McMillan A5 Adjustable-- Bedded for 737 With DBM-- pics added

    I will take it as long as it is short action/AICS 308 pattern mag, etc. PM Sent.
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    What power of binocular is recommended for PRS competition?

    I like 12X personally, some like 15X. Most guys I know are running 12's.
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    When does the step up to "Precision" rings start making a difference?

    I have personally had good luck with the Vortex Precision Matched (Seekins) rings. Of the 2 you mention, I would go with those. I have also had Seekins branded rings with no complaints either. If you are going to go past that then I recommend Spuhr, but that is an entirely different price point.
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    Hearing protection with bluetooth

    I just bought a pair of these as well. I actually purchase them for when I have equipment running but want to have some music. No, the sound quality is not Bose, but I am happy with them for what I paid and they are reasonably comfortable as well.
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    Sold. Spuhr 34mm scope rings 1" height. SR-4000

    I will take these if not already sold.
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    Scope bell/shade protective coating.

    I have mine covered in Talon Grip. Bit of a pain cutting the pieces but it stays on and provides good grip as well as protection.
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    Cans, Brakes, Impacts & Trace

    I have started out shooting suppressed but now run a brake. The rifle simply moves less under recoil with the brake. I have an easier time spotting impacts with the brake vs. the suppressor. I am running a Gen 3 APA Little Bastard and it does not direct a lot of concussion back at the shooter...
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    10 shot ladder question

    You really need to stop trying to rely on a singular data point to establish velocity. You need to fire multiple rounds. I understand what you are trying to do, I just have not found that approach to be effective personally. I would start by loading 5 rounds each at 41.0, 41.5, and 42.0...
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    10 shot ladder question

    For that combination I would expect the "sweet spot" to be found somewhere between 41.0 and 42.0 grains.
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    New Winchester Staball 6.5 ball powder

    Google "Dillon Powder Measure Polishing". There are posts from other forums, videos, etc.
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    New Winchester Staball 6.5 ball powder

    It is pretty well accepted that polishing is needed to get the best results from a Dillon powder measure. Polishing the inside of the metal bowl is particularly important.
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    I prefer a full size Fortune Cookie to the full size Game Changer (have both). Works better with my stock. I carry a pint size GC and a full size FC. The pint size with the heavy fill provides extra stability in some situations. I am considering giving the WC Mini Fortune Cookie a try for...
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    New to competition

    Find the match director for the match you want to enter and contact them. They can arrange for you to shoot with someone who can help you through your first match and probably loan you bags, etc. Most guys have extra bags laying around. A year ago I started with 1, now I have 6 due to trying...
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    Help pls, Reloads went to hell after introducing an AMP Annealer in to the mix.

    If the cases have been in the mud then an initial rinse is required. During the match I toss my empties into a pocket in my pack. By the time I get home the loose dirt is pretty much off the cases (I usually have to vacuum out that part of my pack). I was unsure about annealing and sizing...
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    225 ELDM accuracy issues

    What does your chrono data say?
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    Help pls, Reloads went to hell after introducing an AMP Annealer in to the mix.

    Here is the order that I would recommend. Also, if you are tumbling with pins, I recommend that you change to the Southern Shine chip media. It gets the job done faster. You want to absolutely minimize tumbling time. It affects the case mouth. Anneal (Yes, I do this step dirty) Lube...