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    Winning the hearts and minds

    My team of 13 snipers were recently shooting at a range that is also open to civilians. A really nice older guy was in a lane next to us and I started to shoot the shit with him and learned that he does his own reloading. Well, I told the other guys and we pooled the brass and each gave him 60...
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    Drastic difference in dopes

    Riddle me this and I am aware that every rifle is different, but: A guy and I on the same sniper team both got our Remington 700s built at IBA at the same time, using the same parts. We shoot the same ammo bought at the same time (168 gr BHA AMAX). We were shooting at Dix the other day when I...
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    Shooting sniper initiated entry

    Some pictures I took with the Droid when shooting Sniper Initiated Entries the other day. Taking a picture through the night vision sucks. My rifle (right) is a Remington 700 with all the works by Iron Brigade Armory (I am aware some believe we overpaid) with a Nikon Monarch 2.5-10. I know...
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    Paint order for MARPAT Woodland

    I am painting my rifle to match my new issued uniform, which is, as you guessed it MARPAT Woodland. The colors in the paint kit are Khaki, Coyote, Geen, Black. Does this still follow the lightest to darkest colors technique? It appears that the Brown (Coyote) is the dominant color and should...
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    Range finder $300, 600 yards or so

    I need to purchase a range finder and the team has authorized around $300 and are looking for the neighborhood of 600 yards. Any suggestions? I am looking at the Nikon 550 on optics planet for $285... could not find any reviews of it on here. Tick
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    MARPAT paint job

    My team has switched to MARPAT as our duty uniform and my rifle is in need of a paint job anyway after the addition of goodies, so I am looking to paint it to match. Two questions then follow as I am new to the game: 1. Digital stencils- I have seen them on Bulldogarms under Extreme Digital...
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    Comparable ammo to .308 Black Hills Gold 168 grain

    For the holidays, a couple of my family members have mentioned wanting to go shooting and I was going to bring my guns along to include my sniper rifle. Everyone is wanting to take some pulls on it, but I don't want to have my pants pulled down on buying ammo for the day. So far, the gun eats...
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    Rucksack contents

    Hello, I am new to the forum and have recently been assigned to the sniper element of my SWAT team. I had little flexibility in my firearm choice (but my team does get us tremendous rifles), but the rucksack and its contents are up to me. So... I just received my 5.11 Rush 24 and need to fill...