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  1. Hogstooth

    Clymer 308 chamber reamer new

    I have a brand new never used chamber reamer by Clymer, comes in protective case. Bought this by mistake and I needed the live pilot reamer. $110 shipped
  2. Hogstooth

    2 Day Intermediate Precision rifle course- Nov. 7 & 8, Weatherford, Texas

    Vapor Trail Tactical Nov. 7 & 8, 2020 at CTG private range facility in Weatherford, Texas Cost: $360.00 Limit 10 students 2 day Intermediate course is for those who know the basics of their rifle and optic. Wanting to get to the next level, and push yourself to shoot to the capability of your...
  3. Hogstooth

    APO MCAS-AR folding chassis

    For sale Lightly used lightweight Ashbury Precision chassis that features a solid locking folding stock for compact bags, LE urban ops, or use with suppressor. Mlok handguard lets you attach whatever rails and Accessories you want while maintaining free float. Very light and adjustable length...
  4. Hogstooth

    Remington SUCKs, and I still recommend it!

    Ha! Got you to look!!! Seriously though, with all that has happened to Remington they still make one of the greatest rifles of all time the Remington 700! Pretty much copied by everyone, the Company can't seem to get their shit together, so why do I recommend them? The Remington 700 is...
  5. Hogstooth

    Things to consider when selecting your next Optic, simple list!

    After consulting students for years on what optics to get, figured I would pass on a simple list of what I consider when selecting an optic Use is first- what are you going to use the optic for tactical, competition, or just hobby Magnification range- more is not better and actually magnifies...
  6. Hogstooth

    Broaddus Defense 5 day basic SWAT sniper course- Sept. 28- Oct. 2

    We have scheduled another 5 day basic SWAT sniper course that is 50 hours of TCOLE certified instruction. Sept. 28-Oct 2 ALERRT center, Maxwell, Texas (lodging on site available) Round count 700 precision rifle, 200 handgun Contact Broaddus Defense 940-367-7723 PM for any questions...
  7. Hogstooth

    Why can't ballistic apps account for lighting conditions and mirage?

    So of all the things that a ballistic app or weather meter can account for that are invisible to the eye, why can't someone come up with a way for them to measure and account for lighting conditions and mirage displacement? I have had several times in which shooting back to back days on the...
  8. Hogstooth

    50 hour LE Basic SWAT sniper, ALERRT center, Texas

    Hey gents, Attached is the flyer for our 50 hour basic SWAT Sniper course being held in July at the ALERRT center in San Marcos, Tx. This is a TCOLE accredited course for TX LE. Contact Broaddus Defense for more information and detail about the course.
  9. Hogstooth

    Premier 3-15x optic ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** I have a Premier Heritage 3-15 x 50 mm Tactical, Illuminated Gen 2XR reticle, 0.1 mrad, 15 mil - ST- MTC-CCW. The SKU is PRH-09028000145. I am the second owner but it's mostly sat in the safe after being zeroed. It's recently been inspected by Mike Sexton at Iron Sight, Inc. out of...
  10. Hogstooth

    Results with my PVS 22

    So I have had my PVS 22 for several years now and it has always performed, recently sold it but will be upgrading to the PVS 27 here soon! Thought I would show some pics feel free to add your own of your results. Rifle: M40A5 Optic: S&B 3-12 SSDS Load: Hornady TAP precision 168 grain...
  11. Hogstooth

    Badger Ordnance 34 mm ring sets USMC

    I have 3 ring sets for sale all 34mm #1 USMC 34mm steel 1.0” height SSDS spray painted and may have slight exterior rust, interior ring space have no rust or blemish, screws and plates are in good condition $150 SPF #2 34mm steel 1.0” height cerekoted by GA Precision USMC marked $150 SPF...
  12. Hogstooth

    Mcmillan A4 stock with M5 mag sys and EFR

    I have a well used Mcmillan A4 stock, it has been used and abused in various classes and schools since ‘07 will need to be re-bedded to your rifle. Painted by myself USMC ⚡⚡ woodland camo, battleworn! Stock with Badger EFR $650**SPF** Badger mag system (no magazine) $250 stock complete with...
  13. Hogstooth

    APO 6.5 Remington 700

    Ashbury Precision Rifle Remington 700in 6.5 Creedmore with 22” barrel in there folding stock with Magpul furniture, Dead air 30 cal muzzle brake, and Rifle Basix trigger set at just under 3 lbs. Includes 1 Magpul 5 round magazine, caldwell bipod, optional SWFA 10x fixed MIL/ MIL optic with...
  14. Hogstooth

    Proof research 6.5 carbon fiber barrel

    NIB carbon fiber wrapped barrel 1:7.5 twist sendero profile, stainless steel core bolt action barrel blank 24” OAL, .264 caliber $700 shipped will accept PP or credit card, PM for payment details ***will trade for same proof carbon barrel in .30 cal 1/10 twist at 24”***
  15. Hogstooth

    Vapor Trail Tactical 2020 classes, Weatherford, Texas

    Hey Folks, 2020 class schedule, contact me direct with questions, pricing, class outlines, or links to purchase. If you would like to host a class at your department or range contact me direct.
  16. Hogstooth

    Magpul 700SA Hunter stock with accessories cheap!

    I have a Magpul Hunter stock for Remington 700 short action in Grey, will fit a Sendero contour barrel profile and includes Magazine bottom with 1 five round magazine Flush cup front sling swivel left side Flush cup rear on both sides 3 extra Spacers $285 shipped via UPS or FedEx Will accept...
  17. Hogstooth

    Remington 700 short action barreled action no trigger .243

    New Remington 700 barreled action blued in .243 caliber great for a new build in any standard caliber. Also have a Badger Ordnance 20 MOA rail installed Barreled action with no trigger $350 Barreled action with no trigger and badger Ordnance Mount $450 Shipped to your FFL, will accept PP or...
  18. Hogstooth

    3 day Intermediate Precision Rifle Oct 18-20 Weatherford, Texas

    Cost is $750 This fast paced class is for those who have a basic understanding of their precision rifle, have experience, or maybe struggling with competing but want to take it to the next level! Coaching will consist of teaching you to build solid positions looking for visual and physical...
  19. Hogstooth

    Seekins low rings with Sightmark 3-18 optic

    $170 includes seeking 30mm low rings, Sightmark Citadel 3-18x Tactical optic great beginning optic has all the features FFP illuminated advanced Mil reticle 3-18x and 50mm obj PM for questions and PayPal payment info Thanks
  20. Hogstooth

    AN/PVS-14 with ANVIS tube auto gated with J-arm and skull crusher

    I have a used (about 30 hours on it) PVS-14 with mil spec auto gated ANVIS tube, shows blemishes around edges but image is clear, phothas IR light, 550 cord lanyard and was built by Sureshot night vision here in Texas. $2250 shipped USPS insured Comes with J-arm and mil spec head mount PM...