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  1. dbltap45acp

    Tikka CTR 308 vs Rem 700 PSS / LTR

    An old PSS would be nice, a lot of bang for your buck there. The Tikka is nice too. Buy which ever you really prefer. Both would shoot well. If you plan on eventually turning it into a custom and sending it off to deck it out you will have more options with the Remington. Tikka has grown with...
  2. dbltap45acp

    Drop charts on rifle?

    Mine is laminated and shrunk down, then just taped to the side of my stock.
  3. dbltap45acp

    WTB > HSRC, Tacops , Etc Drag bag.

    Tac Ops is doing a group buy for drag bags right now if you haven’t picked one up already.
  4. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    There are a ton of stocks out there for sale. Just google 513T stock for sale. Ive seen them for 50-75 bucks.
  5. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    The only think marked on the stock is LK. Not sure what it means though.
  6. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    I’m at work till 7am. But I can double check when I get home.
  7. dbltap45acp

    Recommend a rear bag

    I just received that mini range cube. It isn’t so damn mini, think I will be returning it and ordering a Tab rear bag
  8. dbltap45acp

    Muzzle Brake

    I have a 4 port Heathen that should be arriving today, hopefully I can run some rounds through it this weekend and see how it does.
  9. dbltap45acp

    Recommend a rear bag

    I recently picked up a Wiebad mini cube, which is huge in comparison to what I thought it would be. I’m probably going to have to break down and order a Tab rear squeeze bag.
  10. dbltap45acp

    SOLD Browning Practical Hi Power

    Can’t beat a Browning Hi Power. Now that they are no longer being made the prices have gone through the roof too
  11. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    Thanks guys. It’s at least in the price range of a CZ with one of those McMillan style stocks that I can try and trade for. Should make a better build type for what I want without messing with a nice original 513T.
  12. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    I picked up a pretty damn clean Remington 513T a while back from a friend while doing some horse trading. It had the original Redfield peep rear and standard front post. It is the military marked version but it is a lot cleaner then most I’ve seen that are military marked. I am curious to what...
  13. dbltap45acp

    Beginner precision scope

    In that price range a lightly used Vortex PST Viper gen2 in 5x25x50 in FFP would be the way to go. You get a lot of glass for the money.
  14. dbltap45acp

    Precision Underground rear bags?

    That’s what I needed to know. Thanks brother
  15. dbltap45acp

    Precision Underground rear bags?

    Does the light fill make it a little easier for the ELR or 3D ELR to be squeezed for minor adjustments as a rear bag?
  16. dbltap45acp

    Sig Tango4 vs Vortex Strike Eagle

    I would go for the PST Viper Gen 2 and just buy a lightly used one in the PX here. There are two in the right now for $700 shipped for the 5x25x50. Then you are getting better glass for the same price. Just my opinion though
  17. dbltap45acp

    WTT/WTS Gen 1 Vortex 2.5x10x32 FFP MOA

    All PM’s answered, let’s knock a little off and move this. $625 shipped, phenomenal optic for a SPR type build
  18. dbltap45acp

    Atlas, Harris, or Magpul bipod for spr rifles

    I run a Larue Harris BRS on mine. It’s a little lighter then the standard BRS.
  19. dbltap45acp

    WTT/WTS Gen 1 Vortex 2.5x10x32 FFP MOA

    Getting back into long range and moving an optic that has just been sitting in the safe. This optic has been on my AR and may have 200-300 of use, otherwise it been in the safe all it’s life. I think I even still have the box. I would prefer to sell or trade this as a package, optic, QD Mount...
  20. dbltap45acp

    Scope choices

    I was talking about the Gen II’s.