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    SOLD: Bushnell Legend T 15-45x60mm FDE spotter with mil reticle.

    Bushnell Legend T 15-45x60mm with mil reticle. Very good with minor marks on the exposed rails and bushnell badge (pictured). Lens cap has been tied down with green 550 cord. Lenses and function are flawless. I no longer have the nylon cover that came with it. EDIT: The reticle is "Mil-Hash"...
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    WTS: Badger Ordnance #1005-306-77: 1.49" 34mm rings

    For sale is a set of new, sealed in box, Badger Ordnance P/N 1005-306-77 rings, which are 1.49", 34mm, steel rings. $150 shipped CONUS Thanks
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    WTS: Reloading Supplies- .338 Lapua Brass, Lapua Bullets, Hornady dies

    Please see below; prices include CONUS shipping. Thanks 7.62- 500ct .308" 175gr Nosler RDF. Bag inside box is unopened, but box seal has torn due to box weight. $145 SPF SOLD .338- - 100ct Lapua Scenar 300gr projectiles. Two boxes available at $60 ea -100ct Lapua factory .338 Lapua Mag...
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    "Fixing" a faux M1903A4

    This Gibbs M1903A4 repro was a local find. For what it cost, I would have spent more trying to rebuild a sporterized example or reclaiming mail order drill rifle. I am aware that this is a reclaimed drill rifle itself. It seemed like a good guilt-free shooter for local vintage matches, hunting...
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    SOLD: WTS or WTT for KRG Bravo T1X Chassis: Savage MKII FVSR, Boyds Stock, Dip bottom metal, BT stock rail

    For sale, or trade for a KRG Bravo Chassis for Tikka T1X, FDE or Green preferred- Savage MKII FVSR. This rifle started as a regular FVSR in tupperware stock. It has been installed in a Boyds Tacticool that was primed, painted Aervoe OD Green. DIP bottom metal and nylon pillars were used to...
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    WTS: Steyr-Mannlicher Model M Full Stock .270, Double Trigger

    For sale is a Steyr Mannlicher Model M .270 with full stock. 20" barrel. Not fired much, never hunted with and spent most of its life in the southwest. Metal and wood are in beautiful condition and the trigger guard assembly is free of cracks. One lug on the rotary magazine (included) is...
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    Gw Zf4 Optic

    Picked up a new scope but do not know much about these. Final price was not much higher than a reproduction scope mount set, so I thought it might be worth the chance. It is DDX marked with s/n and would have to be pretty cleverly aged if a fake. Looking at the macro photo, the markings almost...
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    SOLD: SR25 ACC MLOK Upper half, complete.

    For sale is an excellent condition KAC SR25 ACC upper half, complete. Surefire SR25 muzzle brake for SOCOM series suppressors installed (27 ftlbs torque, rocksett, checked with suppressor and alignment rod, test fired). 54 rounds fired. This came with a 1.196" test target but exhibited much...
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    WTS: Badger 1.49" 34mm steel M107 rings, new in box.

    Badger 1.49" Rings, 34mm, new. In box and sealed in plastic from factory. These are the steel, NSN rings for the M107 rifle. Part Number 1005-306-77. $140 Previously listed Spuhr mount is sold. Thanks
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    SOLD: Surefire 317 LMG Benelli M1S90/M2 weapon light forend

    For sale is a surefire Model 317LMG Lighted drop-in forend for benelli M1S90 and M2. It is the three-switch model (on/off rocker, disable rocker, pressure pad) with LM1 TIR lens LED light head. I believe this light head is rated at 100lm. It is very clean and in very good to excellent condition...
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    WTS: G Shock 6900 Watches

    1. Manfrotto 322RC2 Pistol Grip ball head. Clean and includes RC2 mount plate. $65 SOLD 2. G shock 6900 watches. First is a regular 6900. Never worn as much as a day but sat in a drawer for three years. Battery should have another few years in it as the illum has not been used more than a...
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    SOLD: White Oak Armament (WOA) 18" rifle-gas SPR barrel with Ops Profile

    For sale is a new, unmounted and as shipped from WOA 18" rifle-gas spr barrel. It has the correct barrel profile for the Allen/Ops collar. Fluted, 1/7" twist, .223 wilde chamber, M4 feed ramps. Ordered this one a while back and never got around to using it. Weighs 36.5oz, correct gas port size...
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    ALL SOLD: Forster Co Ax set

    SOLD For sale is a Forster CoAx press that will be sold as a set with the following items: CoAx press, complete with all parts (3) extra forster lock rings (this press should be used with forster or sinclair aluminum lock rings) Nylon Co Ax Press cover Forster .308 match die set- full length...
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    WTS or WTT: S&B 5-20 Ultra Short Tremor 2

    SOLD pending payment. Schmidt and Bender 5-20 PM II Ultra Short. Single turn, CCW, MTC, capped windage, Tremor 2 reticle. Non-illum. Second owner, very good to excellent with a few safe scars in the anodizing. Overall very clean and includes tenebreax caps. Also pictured is a badger 306-64...
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    WTB: Benelli M2 field buttstock, handguard, barrels

    As the title states, looking for factory non-pistol grip buttstock, a factory handguard, and possibly vent rib field barrel (24") for a 12ga Benelli M2. A comfortech buttstock is preferred but not required. Thanks.
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    SOLD: KRG Sako TRG folding buttstock assembly

    For sale is an excellent to like new and complete KRG folding buttstock assembly for Sako TRG (22 and 42) rifles. Complete and as pictured. $700 Prices include CONUS shipping. Paypal and MO accepted. No trades; thanks.
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    SOLD: Barrett MRAD Barrel Kit, .260, 24"

    SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale is a Barrel MRAD Barret kit in .260 Remington. It is a 24" heavy contour and complete with magazine, barrel bag, and matched bolt head. 565 rounds fired. These barrels are made by rock creek for Barrett. There is a scratch in the coating near the muzzle (pictured). It...
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    SOLD: TNVC PVS 14 Multicam

    SOLD, Thanks
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