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  1. LawnMM

    WTT Denver Metro area - small tie magnum for small pistol primers

    PM me hoping to barter a brick or two of 450s or BR4 for 1-2k of small pistol, same quantity for each party.
  2. LawnMM

    WTB Unity Tactical Fusion Micro Hub

    Prefer FDE but I'll take black as well. Let me know!
  3. LawnMM

    WTS Magpul MBUS PRO Offset

    Have a set of the pro mbus offset sights I don't need anymore. Would prefer to sell as a set but I'll split em if both are spoken for. $140 for the set $90 rear only $70 front only Lower 48 only, prefer Zelle or PayPal
  4. LawnMM

    WTS Bushnell SMRS 1-8.5 LPVO

    Bought this from Doug at Cameraland NY and I doubt I've used it for 100rds. Went with a different optic on the rifle I had it on. I'll throw in a 1.5" 0moa Badger Unimount and an aluminum throw lever. About $250 of accessories. $800 shipped/insured lower 48 only. Prefer Zelle, PayPal, or Money...
  5. LawnMM

    Bushnell SMRS 1-8.5 owners

    You come up with better scope caps? The bushy caps are shit.
  6. LawnMM

    Positive Kung-Flu Discussion

    We're talking about the negative too much, let's discuss some of the positives ... I'll start The weather is warming up and it's a beautiful time to be outside and not couped up indoors with potentially sick people. Hollywood is essentially shuttered, good, we waste too much time and make...
  7. LawnMM

    Hear me out: Voting for Bernie

    Spy photo from his campaign office, I can't help but feel he might be onto something...
  8. LawnMM

    Kestrel Elite Compass - WTF

    Tagging you in here @Kestrel Ballistics So I'm trying to figure this out. I set direction of fire yesterday, it reads 0 degrees, pretty much dead nuts due north. I then use the capture wind feature for the average and high wind speeds and direction. That's where it gets wonky. Captures...
  9. LawnMM

    XBR 8208 = Unicorn Dust?

    Can't find the stuff in stock anywhere, prefer the 8lb'ers. I'm on the notification list at the usual spots but if somebody sees it in stock, drop a response here would you.
  10. LawnMM

    Atlas 5H Mint FS

    Had this since release but honestly just haven't had many opportunities to use it. Been to the range with me I believe 3x and spent the remainder in the safe. Other projects on the board that could use attention. $315 shipped down from $450 new. Prefer Zelle for payment but can do money order...
  11. LawnMM

    You Gotta Be Kiddin

    They were paying that biased jackass $15 million a year?!? WTF. I'm in the wrong business.
  12. LawnMM

    Cameraland NY rocks

    Just wanted to put a good word in, ordered a Bushnell last week from Doug as a pre-order at a great price. Called back again a week later for a scope I needed for work at $150 better price than I'd found anywhere else. Great service for both transactions, buy with confidence. Rich
  13. LawnMM

    If Only They Had Common Sense Knife Control

    Paris Police Killed by Knife Weilding Attacker x3 Idiots. ? Not only are their citizens disarmed and vulnerable you can stab your way through four cops before somebody with a gun shows up to put you down.
  14. LawnMM

    Stage Design Gripes

    I'll try not to make this too whiney, but: Can we stop adding artificial silliness in the interest of making things difficult? Design a stage that forces the shooter to navigate it the way you want, don't add silly stressors. For example, lately I'm seeing three trends I'm not a fan of; so...
  15. LawnMM

    Yeezy Ranch Shootout

    Kanye West buys Monster Lake Ranch Didn't see that one coming ?
  16. LawnMM

    Magnetospeed for Sale

    I have a used V2 Magnetospeed Chronograph for sale. I picked up a new one at a match so I don't really need two. I had put off buying a V3 because, frankly, the V2 never missed a shot. Comes with all original accessories, works perfectly, has spacers and heat shield for the strap if using a...
  17. LawnMM

    SilencerCo Radius Rangefinder

    Sico Radius Rangefinder in excellent condition, no scratches or scrapes, minor wear on mounting lug (See photo). Has original box, reflective zeroing target, manual, batteries, remote switch. Only thing missing is one of the little cheapo lens covers. $699 Lower 48 only, prefer Zelle for...
  18. LawnMM

    Ckye Pod Owners...

    Is the Picatinny mounting version adjustable in terms of clamp force? Looking at photos it looks like a spring loaded button slides the lug out and the dovetail slips over the pic rail. Then I imagine you let go of the button, the lug snaps back and keeps the bipod from moving out of the chosen...
  19. LawnMM

    115gr DTACs RBT 500ct boxes

    Switching gears a bit, have 3 boxes of the rebated boat tail 115gr DTACs, unopened, two boxes same lot number. BC on par with a 140 Hybrid, easier to spot hits with than 105s at 1k+ Let's go $135 per box, shipped flat rate to lower 48 only, buy two or all three and I'll drop it to $130/box...
  20. LawnMM

    Why Not Leave It Shut Off?

    Why shut the government down, let's shut it off. It's grown way past what it was intended to do. I'm no historian but I seem to remember the federal government having essentially two mandates originally, national defense and was it interstate/colony commerce? Now they tax us 35% of what we make...