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  1. hereinaz

    SOLD: 6 xc Redding dies

    Excellent condition, barely used, info on box. Wilson 6xc case gauge. $140 shipped for both.
  2. hereinaz

    Trigger adjustment/cock on close

    Any good videos or discussions on trigger adjustments for reducing or eliminating cock on close? Discussion on the handoff of the sear from the bolt body to the sear, especially in relation to the closing cams? Bolt action gunsmithing books? I have done searches and find lots of scattered...
  3. hereinaz

    FS: Howa 6 creed (sa) and 6.5 grendel (mini) take off barrels

    Brand new take off, 6.5 Grendel Mini Howa barrel. 20" long with 5/8 x 24 muzzle threads. $125 shipped Brand new take off, 6 creed 1500 short action, blued sporter, 22" no muzzle threads. $125 shipped Pics to follow. Used rosin impregnated leather in the barrel vise, so barrels are clean.
  4. hereinaz

    Rem 700 action specs

    Is there a technical drawing with the specs of a Rem 700 action that shows where all the holes are drilled, measurement for lug to extraction cam, other measurements, etc? Is there a gunsmithing book with such a thing? Thanks.
  5. hereinaz

    SOLD: Nucleus and more $$$ drop $725

    Gen 1 Nucleus .308 BF 20 MOA rail. $725 Very clean Gen 1 Nucleus .223 bolt head and extractor $165. New Nucleus gen 1 bolt head and extractor. .473 which is .308/30-06 bolt face. $165 PP ff or add 3% and the action ships to FFL from individual.
  6. hereinaz

    FS: new Nucleus Gen 1 .473 bolt head/extractor

    Nucleus gen 1 bolt head and extractor. .473 which is .308/30-06 bolt face.
  7. hereinaz

    Bison 2020

    Had a great time and luck smiled on me. Spent all opening day in a blind, saw nothing but tweety birds, squirrels and a doe. The next morning at first light they were in the meadow outside the Grand Canyon National Park. AZ bison, cow, House Rock herd. Once in a lifetime tag to fill.
  8. hereinaz

    SOLD: MK5 3.6-18 CCH mil

    SOLD Got this from another member, decided not to build a rifle this was meant for a while. SOLD $1500 firm, shipped no trades. Just looking to get back what I paid. FROM HIS AD Put this on rifle sent about 50 rounds down the tube and decided I’m moving my 5-25 to this rifle and buying a...
  9. hereinaz

    FS: 30mm high Vortex precision rings

    30mm high rings, Vortex/Seekins precision $95 shipped
  10. hereinaz

    Sold: LRI Sig Kilo mount ultralight

    LRI Sig Kilo mount 55$ shipped
  11. hereinaz

    FS: Barrel nut barloc sold

    Barrel nut barloc for Nucleus action. $65 sold
  12. hereinaz

    FS: 7 round Accurate mag WSM/6.5 PRC short action

    Basically new, I think I shot with it once. Test cycled ammo once. I am just gonna use 3 round mags in the rifle. $70 shipped or trade for a 3 round WSM mag. Pics to follow. Sold
  13. hereinaz

    SOLD: TT Primary $115 shipped

    Curved Primary TT, $115 shipped. Pics to be posted later.
  14. hereinaz

    SOLD WTS/WTT: Archimedes SA, .308 bolt face

    I really like the Archimedes, but decided to consolidate everything to Nucleus actions so I can keep backup parts. It has run great with a Trigger Tech, and depending we could trade triggers or add the deal. Looking for the original short action Nucleus, maybe the 1.1. Any bolt face is OK...
  15. hereinaz

    sold: Bushnell Forge FFP 3-18 Mil Deploy reticle

    It has been on my .22, and not seen much use. I am consolidating reticles, so selling this one. Have the box, missing the front scope cap. $500.00 OBO shipped pp ff
  16. hereinaz

    WTB: Rem 700 clone Savage threads

    Want to buy a magnum bolt face long action Nucleus, Origin, or other Savage barrel threaded action in Rem 700 pattern. Lemme know what you got. Might take a Nucleus in another boot face.
  17. hereinaz

    WTB Howa Mini Action stock

    Looking for Mini Action stock or chassis.
  18. hereinaz

    Spf: canvas GC and sticky pint sized GC

    SOLD Very clean condition coyote standard fill OG Gamechanger. $85 shipped New sticky Mini Gamechanger sand fill $95 shipped. PP friends and family
  19. hereinaz

    SOLD: 6 cm Proof CF prefit

    Brand new, 6mm creedmoor Savage small shank prefit, Proof carbon fiber, straight taper (not straight bull), 24", 1-8 twist, 5/8x24 threaded muzzle. Decided to swith to 6 ARC for this rifle, $625 shipped.
  20. hereinaz

    FS: Proof .243 blank SS price drop

    New Proof SS blank. See more details in pic. 1-8 twist, varmint profile, .243. $290 shipped lower 48, PP FF or add 3%