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  1. LawnMM

    So... 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.... ???

    Who's really going to pay it? Fuck em. They tried it in Jersey and got like zero compliance. I'm sure some purple haired bitch ran their shit to the local state police barracks somewhere but as a whole... it flopped. NJ Mag Ban
  2. LawnMM

    RCBS Summit Press? Would you get one?

    I got rid of the one I had, it was shit. Noticeable play and slop between the base and the shaft when sizing. Garbage. Maybe mine was a fluke.
  3. LawnMM

    🚨Got / using a pistol brace?🚨

    The ATF is not a legislative body. They can't make things legal or illegal, at all. IF you were to be charged because their 'interpretation' doesn't match yours, they'd have to prove it to a judge/jury's satisfaction. There are already laws on the books and if they don't specifically specify...
  4. LawnMM

    So... 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.... ???

    It's all fun and games till your buddy takes one in the chest and as you raise your weapon skyward in surrender... your bicep evaporates in pink mist. I think there are plenty of sociopath bully personalities in society that would get off on the abuses they could manage as a confiscation/death...
  5. LawnMM

    Tested positive

    You'll be fine. Came through our office in January. I felt like shit for one day, genuinely sick with a bad head cold kinda feeling the next, was on the mend by the third day. Drink lots of fluids and listen to your body. If you're tired, sleep. More you listen, faster you will recover. Speedy...
  6. LawnMM

    Bubble Level Importance in PRS

    It's the single most important piece of gear on the rifle. I wouldn't even bother buying a scope till I had a level. Get one of those electronic color coded ones that light up, that way you can tell when your rifle is canted even if you're half fuckin retarded and partially blind. If you think...
  7. LawnMM

    Attention Shoppers. Here is where to NOT buy your coffee. LINKS TO VOLCANIC COFFEE NOW IN THREAD

    So to be clear: A bunch of tattoos and drinking over priced coffee WON'T make me an operator? 🤔
  8. LawnMM


    Just bought the same setup, free bump for good gear
  9. LawnMM

    Opinions on Grey Ops mini pro plate

    It's a big improvement over the older version.
  10. LawnMM

    You Have To Sell Your AR's

    Look at NJ, they banned a whole slew of shit and demanded it be turned in and they got something like 12% compliance based on what was turned in vs estimated sales. LOL.
  11. LawnMM

    off general subject... but.... are LLBean boots loosing their original quality? opinions please

    I don't know, I bought a set of waterproof boots for the winter about 20 years ago and they're still going strong 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. LawnMM

    Geissele you so crazy

    *laughs in Lancer mag*
  13. LawnMM

    🚨ELECTION RESULTS and vote counts starting to stream. Keep track of them here and update them as the evening progresses.

    That's part of the plan, make it confusing so people get tired of trying to understand what really happened.
  14. LawnMM

    Mini Plate Pro Pad - Armageddon Gear

    It's wax canvas and sand fill so it's pretty pliable
  15. LawnMM

    Mini Plate Pro Pad - Armageddon Gear

    As much as it pains me to admit I like it a lot more than the original. A buddy bought one and for stuff like ladders it's real fast.
  16. LawnMM

    WTT Denver Metro area - small tie magnum for small pistol primers

    You're such a dick. I didn't know you had stuff to load for pistol too. I'm still trying to play catch up and shore up some of my shortcomings
  17. LawnMM

    WTT Denver Metro area - small tie magnum for small pistol primers

    PM me hoping to barter a brick or two of 450s or BR4 for 1-2k of small pistol, same quantity for each party.