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  1. smokin.338

    Get what you need to F1 suppressor @ Wally world ??

    Just going to leave this here...
  2. smokin.338

    WTT: SiCo Muzzle Brake for SiCo Direct Thread Mount

    What I have: SilencerCo 5/8 x 24 Muzzle Brakes (New) Looking for 1ea Direct Thread Mount in: 1/2"–28 (AC149) 5/8"–24 (AC153) Trade @ 1 to 1, the one's that fit on an Octane or Omega K's,
  3. smokin.338

    Class 3 dealers, has this ever happen to you...

    1. Where someone has something transferred in and then wont' come in to do a Form 4. 2. They do the Form 4, it's approved but won't come in to pick up said item(s). What can / can't you do with the items because it's taking up space ?!