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  1. hookedonbrass

    WTB: Giraud Case Trimmer

    I know there’s a few of these WTB threads that don’t get bumped often. But I’ve seen a few pop up for sale here and there recently. looking for one used before I order one in a few weeks. Preferably with 6BR and/or .223 parts let me know if you are looking to part with your trimmer. Thanks!
  2. hookedonbrass

    SOLD: Josh B CNC Forster Co Ax Linkages

    $55 shipped PayPal or venmo preferred
  3. hookedonbrass

    SOLD: Eberlestock G3 Phantom pack

    Used but in good condition. Been using for PRS matches for over two years. Only negative is the previous owner cut the bottom portion of the gun scabbard off and sewed it flat. And there is not top cover for the scabbard. I never used the scabbard for matches so it didn’t bother me. Aside...
  4. hookedonbrass

    Hoyt Klash (Vicxen Series) Bow (Woman’s) - like new

    I bought this for my wife two years ago because she expressed interest in shooting bows with me. We know how that goes. Was shot 3 times. Comes with case, release, 6 arrows. Adjustable 15-50lb draw weight $400 - would prefer to sell face to face in VA/NC area. If someone really wants it I can...
  5. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Area 419 hellfire 6.5mm

    Selling a used area 419 hellfire in the 6.5mm variety. it has some marks on the collar from using Tools to loosen it. Recently soaked in c4 for two days to clean. 5/8x24 $110 shipped trades: .223 accurate mag + a little cash
  6. hookedonbrass


    i'm looking for a good condition right hand dark distressed foundation revelation inletted for an impact/Hawkins bottom metal. Standard weight preferred let me know what you got. I’ve seen a couple going used for some really good deals but I wasn’t in the market yet.
  7. hookedonbrass

    SPF! Bighorn Origin Package - LOTS OF GOODIES *updated*SPF!

    selling my beloved Bighorn Origin SA RH .308 boltface. serial# 00004 my match rifle is an impact and i want my backup rifle to be the same. i'd prefer to sell this as a package deal - priced to sell. what you get: 1. Bighorn (Zermatt Arms) Origin Action SA, RH, .308 2. PVA 22" 6mm Creedmore...
  8. hookedonbrass

    FOUND: 10rd AI AICS mag with primal rights kit

    Anyone have one ? this combo runs the best in my wife’s rifle. So looking for another one.
  9. hookedonbrass

    BOTH SOLD! Triggers for sale: Trigger Tech Special/Timney CE Single Stage

    I have a BNIB trigger tech special (RH, curved, no bolt release) r700 - $145 shipped i also have a used Timney CE single stage (RH, straight shoe, no bolt release) r700 - $120 shipped Willing to trade for/toward: 105 hybrids 75 elds AI Aics Mag with primal rights mag kit pics available...
  10. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Vortex 30mm PMR Rings low

    **Scope is sold** PMR rings are still available $80 shipped PayPal FF
  11. hookedonbrass

    Found: in-line fab roller handle for co-ax

    Anyone have the 90 degree/roller handle from in-line fab for their co-ax they don’t really use and wanna sell? Let me know
  12. hookedonbrass

    no longer selling

    26" 1:7 twist 6BR Hawkhill m24 shouldered prefit for Origin 1583 rounds 5/8x24 muzzle chambered by Altus $360 shipped paypal F&F preferred.
  13. hookedonbrass

    SOLD! Coletac Ammo Novel Multicam 6br Variant

    I have two of these - only really use one. it holds 120 rounds. i have marked every 10 spots with permanent market (1, 10, 20, 30, etc) $65 shipped. paypal F&F preferred. (will get pics later tonight)
  14. hookedonbrass

    looking for someone interested in helping me make something for us shooters

    I found a small hole for a product in the PRS scene (possibly even for some hunters) that i've made a prototype of. I've been using it recently and let a few fellow shooters try it and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It's not a novel idea by any means - but it's been adapted (in...
  15. hookedonbrass

    I have to show this off (Foundation Stock matching Camp Knife)

    Back in January I got the idea that I wanted a "custom" camp knife. I'm also a huge Foundation Stocks fan. So I reached out to the fantastic folks at Foundation and a knife maker in NY and pitched them an idea. John-Kyle sent the knife maker (Satterfield knives) some scrap micarta that he uses...
  16. hookedonbrass

    ND through the wall in a townhouse - pics inside

    A guy that works for me showed me these pics today. His kids baby sitter runs a daycare out of their townhome. Last night the neighbor sent a round through the wall into the ceiling. The baby sitter/husband didn’t even hear it. They saw it the next morning and went over to confront the neighbor...
  17. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Sig Sauer P320c 9mm w/light, holster, 3 mags

    Sig Sauer P320c 9mm w/night sights SOLD Round Count: never kept track. I would estimate 3,000-4,000. 2 15 round mags, 1 17 round magazine Bravo Concealment Holster 1 kydex mag pouch Price: $450 shipped to your FFL (must accept from individual) (INFORCE pistol light IS included) Glock 43...
  18. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Redding .223 Remington Die set (FL sizer and Micrometer seater)

    Bought this and realized I meant to get a set with a bushing die. Used only for 100rds. Practically brand new. Just got in the mail earlier this week. there is someone interested in just the seating die if someone else wants just the sizing die. Would be good for doing plinking gas gun loads...
  19. hookedonbrass

    New press announcement from Area 419

    on their site: making a live announcement at 11EST on FB
  20. hookedonbrass

    StaBALL 6.5 for .223?

    Anyone here using the StaBALL powder in their .223 trainers? I'm waiting for the rest of my stuff to come in - but I have 1lb of it laying around and i'm gonna be trying it with the 75g ELD. I am curious who else has done it and results?