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    **SOLD**Foxpro Firestorm w/199 calls.

    **SOLD**Foxpro firestorm with remote. Comes with 100+ loaded calls. Great condition. $125 shipped. I take PayPal F&F.
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    SOLD. 300 PRC 225 ELDM Ammo

    **SOLD**86 rounds, all same lot number. $200 shipped. I take PayPal F&F
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    308 Proof Carbon 26” 1-9.4 **SOLD**

    308, 1-9.4 twist, 26”. New barrel. Sendero contour. $600 shipped and insured. **SOLD**
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    34mm, 6 screw, 1.0” $140 **SOLD** 34mm, 6 screw, 1.125” $130 **SOLD** 30mm, 4 screw, 1.0” $120 **SOLD** I also have Vortex 30mm, 4 screw, 1.0” $75 **SOLD** Prices include shipping and insurance. I take PayPal F&F. No trades.
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    SOLD - Kahles 624i CCW 6-24x56 SKMR3

    Purchased new for $2699 + tax and mounted on rifle for 1 trip to range. It’s practically brand new. Comes with original box, paperwork, sunshade and neoprene cover. Too nice to just sit in the safe. $1975 shipped & insured. I take PayPal F&F or you can pay the fee. No trades.
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    SOLD - Kestrel 4000 Weather Meter $50

    Bought new and never used. This model does not have applied ballistics. $50 shipped. I take PayPal F&F
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    SOLD Christensen Arms Traverse 300 PRC

    Christiansen Arms traverse, 300 PRC, 26". Bought new and put 51 rounds through it. Great rifle. $1750 shipped & insured to your FFL.
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    WTB Christensen Arms Muzzle Brake

    Anyone have a 5/8x24 Christensen Arms side baffle muzzle brake they want to sell?
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    Foundation Revelation - SOLD

    Foundation Revelation SA, RH, Dark Distressed. Set up for Impact 737. This stock has made one trip to the range. It’s basically brand new. Comes with Hawkins bottom metal. $900 shipped and insured. PayPal friends and family.
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    SOLD - Vais Muzzle Brake 7 MM 1/2-32 Stainless Steel - NEW

    Brand new. Bought for Tikka T3x. Paid $120 for it. Asking $50 shipped. I take PayPal F&F
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    SOLD Surgeon 1086 300 WM, Beanland Custom Rifles

    I have a low serial # (331), Oklahoma built, Surgeon 1086 barreled action for sale. It’s chambered in 300 WM 26” and has approx 600 rounds on it. It was chambered by Jon Beanland, so you know it will shoot. These Oklahoma made 1086 actions are getting hard to find. Mine has sat in the safe...
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    SA BDL bottom metal - Sold

    $70 shipped. I take PayPal friends and family.
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    Vortex Defender Caps - SOLD

    $25 shipped. I take PayPal friends & family
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    MDT 6 BR 12 round mag - SOLD

    $70 shipped. I take PayPal friends and family.
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    Good condition. $30 shipped. I accept payment via PayPal friends and family.
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    Leofoto LH-55 *SOLD

    Leofoto LH-55, excellent condition. $155 shipped. Payment via PayPal friends and family.
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    Magnetospeed Hit Indicator - SOLD

    New in the box T1000 hit indicator. $100 shipped. I take PayPal F&F
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    Manners T4A LA bedded Stock - New SOLD

    New Manners T4A LA stock, bedded for a Surgeon 1086 & Surgeon bottom metal (not included). Stock comes with a bedded Badger Ordnance night vision mount. I have no use for it, so it has to go. $495 shipped. I accept PayPal friends and family payment.
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    SOLD **Manners EH1 SA Impact/Hawkins

    Manners EH1 SA RH. I just bought a new EH1 (Tac Swamp) from Impact Precision this week, then found a EH6 on SH and bought it. Looking to sell the EH1. Paid $718 for it. I’d sell it for $625 shipped. The pic attached has the tac swamp on top. It’s a great looking stock. See the impact website for...