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  1. Joshr18

    Custom Savage 6.5x47 Lapua

    Built on a savage model 10 action with bottom bolt release. The bolt handle has been upgraded with a savage target bolt handle. A timney trigger and an X-Caliber barrel chambered in 6.5x47 Lapua. The barrel has 300 documented rounds down the tube. Also has a northland shooting supply heavy...
  2. Joshr18

    JLK Bullets are back!

    I had read that swampy passed away earlier this year and that his equipment was purchased and moved to WI. Last night I was curious so I sent an email asking if they were back up and running. To my surprise I received an email response saying they are in fact up and running and accepting...
  3. Joshr18

    Razor HD Gen 2 Mount Options

    I just purchased a vortex razor hd gen 2 with tremor 3 reticle that I plan to put on top of my AR10 chambered in 6.5CM. What mounting options are recommended in 30moa or higher? Looking to shoot out to a mile at my favrote range.