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    WTB Sako p94s range barrel

    Looking for original Sako p94s Finnfire Range barrel. I know many of you install match custom barrels. If you don’t need the original, offer it to me! PS. Don’t offer me any other barrel from p94s, except the Range model. I’ll recognize it, easily! Thank you!
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    PGM (French sniper) rifles?

    I’m very curious about any SH members who really experienced shooting PGM sniper rifles. If there are any, please share your experience! I made an attempt to purchase the rifle on the second photo 11 years ago, but the price was insane. So this bug is still in my head, how good are these rifles...
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    FOUND.Pentax PF-80ED angled Spotting Scope

    Looking for a Pentax PF-80ED angled Spotting Scope in pristine condition.
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    Sako TRG 22 .308 W Folder gen i

    Sako TRG 22 pre-2013. 308W. Folding stock gen I. Phosphated. 475 rounds fired. 20” barrel. 2 ten round magazines. Bipod is not included. Comes with the original Stormcase.$2900 USPS MO, Certified check.. Not interested in trades.
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    WTS Powder. Local pick up. H4350, H4831, V N150

    Have some power for local sale. -Hodgdon H4350 8 lbs $190. -Hodgdon H4831 7x 1 lbs $26 per pound. -VihtaVuory N150 8 lbs. I opened it and loaded 70 pc of 308 Win. $150. -Hodgdon H414 8 lbs. $140 Central Wisconsin (Marshfield, Wausau) NO SHIPPING!
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    Walter GSP .22 lr

    For sale Walther GSP .22 lr. Two stage trigger, set around 5 ounces. Four magazines. Extra original Walther parts; firing pin w/spring, ejector w/pin, extractor with spring and pin. $850 USPS MO.
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    WTB Spuhr ST-4701 Sako

    Looking for Spuhr ST-4701, Sako 16mm dovetail.
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    Why Sako Finnfire P94s ?

    My center fires are Sako TRG-22 6.5CM folding stock gen 2 and TRG-42 338LM.So after some reading, I thought. I’ll get a Sako P94s and install a trg two stage trigger and adaptor to accept trg bipod. This way my .22 lr trainer will be as much close to my center fire as possible. And here it is...
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    BRNO Mod 3, Cz 456 $1200

    Brno Model 3 ST-Match.CZ 456, .22 lr. Barrel length ~27”. Barrel is threaded to the receiver(for those who are not familiar).Less than 400 shots. Original CZ competition target sights. Beechwood stock with no visible marks and scratches. Excellent bluing. Trigger is one stage and extremely...
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    WTB pre 2013 Sako trg trigger

    Want to buy pre 2013 Sako trg trigger in good condition. I don’t need the plastic trigger guard but if you wanna sell it with the trigger I’m good.
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    WTB Sako trg trigger pre 2013

    Want to buy pre 2013 Sako trg trigger in good condition. I don’t need the plastic trigger guard but if you wanna sell it with the trigger I’m good.
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    WTS Vectronix PLRF 10

    For sale Vectronix PLRF 10 Like New. I’m the original owner. It’s been out of the safe three times to range Our local ranges (Wisconsin). I just don’t use it. It’s NOT the compass version! If you want to inspect it in person, I’m in central WI. $3700 shipped. The only trade I’m interested Is...
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    WTS: Area 419, CZ 457 Picatinny 15 moa scope base

    For sale. Area 419, CZ 457 Picatinny scope base 15 moa. Asking $80 shipped. PayPal FF, USPS MO. Thank you!
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    WTS: SWFA SS 5-20x50 illuminated

    For sale in excellent condition SWFA SS 5-20x50 illuminated. I’m the original owner. Comes with reticle card in its original box. No scope ring marks. Asking $1050 shipped and insured. USPS money order. PayPal FF only for SH members with membership longer than a year.No trades please. Thank you!
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    956 m (1009 y) pleasure!

    Bad weather is finally over here in AZ ( temperatures above 100°). LRS season is back. Distance; 956 m Temperature; 19,5°C Pressure; 875 hPa Humidity; 68℅ Wind; 0-4 m/s Overcast Sako TRG-22 folder Gen 2 6.5 CM 136 Scenar L H4350 Velocity; 864 m/s Target; 24x24 AR500 plate It...
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    Need load data for 6.5 CM with VV-150 and 136gr Scenars.

    Was able to get some VV-150. Has burning rate very close to H4350. Does anyone have reloading data for 6.5 CM topped with 136 gr Scenars-L?
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    IMR 7828 t° sensitivity ?

    Anyone familiar with IMR 7828 t°sensitivity? How does it compare to Retumbo or H 1000 (Extreme powders) ? Thanks!
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    Kahles k624i MSR2 or S&B pmii 5-25 MSR ???

    Decided to upgrade my scope and narrowed my choices to Kahles K624i MSRll and S&B pmii MSR. Need help from you Guys, who experienced these two side by side. Warranty is also a Factor! Thanks.
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    Anyone has load data for .308 W, H414, 168 SMK ???

    .308W. I have 8 lb. of H414 and 168 SMK. Hodgdon online loads show data for 165 GR. HDY SP and 175 GR. SIE HPBT, but not for 168 SMK. Thanks for your help!
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    What's wrong with Sako trg-42 original muzzle brake?

    What's wrong with Sako trg-42 original muzzle brake? I don't see many trg-42s with Sako MB installed. Have to decide which one to buy. Thanks for your help.