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    So at a USPSA match today, I had a ftf, simply where the bullet didn’t go all the way into the chamber. Cost me a lot of time clearing that jam and getting her going. When I got home I was describing the problem to my wife, to which she replied, “sounds like you didn’t use enough astroglide.”...
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    We just saw this movie this past weekend. If you are wanting to see a funny movie, that brings back a lot of child hood memories, it’s a good one. Just some guys making a movie that is good old slap stick funny. Have a couple beers and chuckle away a couple hours. With all of the serious...
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    Tactical Cannon CS?

    So, a little over three weeks ago I ordered a barrel for a 22Grendel from TC. Website showed that they were in stock, and payment went through immediately. Since then, contact has been very spotty from them. Won’t answer their phone, or call me back. Email response has been spotty. Understand...
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    Ball head or leveling base?

    I’m looking for a new head for a Leofoto 364C that I’ve picked up. Trying to decide between a Sunwayfoto Xb 52dl that Shadowtech sells or a Ta 3 that RRS sells. Obviously they are a little different, but it seems that they would each work pretty good. Price is fairly close. For guys that have...
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    Athlon Ares ETR vs Nikon Black 1000, Head to Head

    With the new Ares hitting the streets, and all of the hype, I ran these two scopes in a brief head to head comparison. I have more time behind the Nikon, with about 20 PRS stages, and several range trips. The Athlon is pretty new. I haven’t been able to get it to a match yet, but hopefully that...
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    Anybody at Peacemaker?

    20 stages. Looks like fun. Looks like we will be shooting in the rain, but whats new? Good luck to everyone!
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    Woodys AAR

    I just put a post in the PRS avg distance thread. It ended up being more of an overall Match report, so if any new shooters want to get a feel for a match you can check it out. I’d like to add that the match ran pretty smooth, was pretty well organized, and a lot of fun. The ROs were great, but...
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    Vortex choices

    so im looking at vortex scopes, and there are some pretty good deals around, and I need to stay on a budget. There are some left over Gen 1 Razors 5-20, but the Gen II pst 6-24 is still about $500 less. Is the razor that much better of a scope for an extra 500 bucks. I know about tube size and...
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    Bushnell CS

    About 10 days ago, I posted about my Bushy ET 6-24 letting go on me and I had to return it. I called Bushnell, and let them know that I had a match coming up real fast and I needed my scope back as quickly as they could. To be honest, the people on the phone, while trying to be helpful, were...
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    DPMS 6.5 CM inconsistency

    I'm looking for a little advice a out my DPMS. It has been very inconsistent in the accuracy department. I bought this upper to shoot in local tactical matches that get out to the longer ranges. So far, the inconsistent grouping has hurt me in matches, and cost me a lot of money in ammo trying...