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    Custom Chassis Paint

    Hi all, I am getting a new MPA chassis and want to do some custom paint accents on it. Does anyone have a recommendation on somebody who is good? Thanks
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    Hi all, I have a Bergara HMR stock that has been sitting on my shelf for about two years and I want to put it to use. The problem is that I do not know what profile to have made that will fit the channel. I spoke with my gunsmith and informed him that Bergara has a barrel diagram for their...
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    Hi all, I just ordered several 500 boxes of 107 SMK's. Every box is a different lot. Does this matter? Have you seen performance changes in the same bullet from lot to lot? Thanks, Bang
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    Triggertech Signature

    Is there any difference between the Triggertech Diamond Signature Series and the Triggertech Diamond other than the color of the lever and safety? Thanks
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    Reduced Load 6Creed

    Hi all, I am kind of new to reloading so help me out here. I am shooting PRS matches. I have a 6 CM and shoot 107 SMK. My current load is 41.7 grains of H 4350. My velocity is ~3150. It shoots well. I am thinking about reducing my load to about 2850 so I can reduce recoil a bit and...
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    Vudoo Certificate

    Guardian matches are more fun than most others. Shooting a Guardian match in another country just brings precision rifle to a new level of awesome. Winning a Vudoo certificate at an international Guardian match just puts a bow on everything. So I went to the Guardian match in Ireland...
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    Curtis Vector

    Hi all, I am thinking of getting a Curtis Vector (short action, 6.5). I have no experience with a switch barrel / set screw design. Has anyone ever had a barrel come loose or experience a POA shift with this design? I know that many top shooters use this action and that tells me something. But I...
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    Vector and 737 R side by side?

    Hi all, In the market for a new action (6 Creed). I have handled a Curtis Vector, but not a Impact 737 R. Has anyone handled these side by side? Any input would help, particularly bolt feel / lift. Thanks, Bang
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    Hello everyone, I did the New England PRS match recently. The first thing I want to say is that the MD did a fantastic job with the match. The stages were challenging and everything flowed nicely. Great job. The day before the match was practice day. There were about 20 guys close...
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    Hey all, I have a Little Bastard on my 6 Creed. It works great, but seems to send much of the blast back toward the shooter. Can anyone recommend a brake that directs less blast back toward the shooter? Has anyone done a comparison with other brakes Vs. the Little Bastard? Thoughts? Thanks, Bang
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    Solving for cant

    Hi all, Can a Kestrel Elite solve for cant? If not, what program can I put on my phone that will solve for cant? Thanks
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    Hello, So my Kestrel Elite is dead on at 1000. However, the closer I get the more my fire solution is off. At 700 the Kestrel is gives me about 2/10 mill more than I need. At 400 the Kestrel gives me about 4/10 more than I need. At 200 the Kestrel tells me I need 4/10, when I only need 2/10...
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    Go No Go Gauge

    Hi all, I am looking for a high quality accurate go / no go gauges for a 6.5 Creedmoor. I hate buying cheap out of spec tools. Any suggestions? Bang
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    Hi, I have a MPA BA Comp with a 26” heavy Palma barrel, Atlas bipod, ATACR 5-25, MPA mount, and MPA weight kit with two of the four weights installed (forend). Has anyone put this or a similar setup on an accurate scale? I will be flying with the gun in a Pelican 1750 (~25 pounds) and curious...
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    Personal Trainer Wanted

    Hey all, I am looking for personal one on one precision rifle instruction. I can travel to N Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, or New Hampshire. You must have a high level PRS resume. PM me and we can work out the details / fees. Bang
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    Hi everyone, I will be flying to Ireland for a Guardian match in September. Aer Lingus policy states that when flying with a rifle on Aer Lingus the gun must be completely dissasembled. Has anyone flown internationally with Aer Lingus with a rifle? Does removing the bolt / mag satisfy the...
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    Pledge ?

    Why don’t we say the Pledge of Allegiance at matches? Or a moment of silence for the fallen? The last few matches I have been to have done neither. Bang
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    Hey everyone, I am considering a Feisol SBH 50 ballhead. Does anyone know if a rifle with an ARCA Swiss rail can be placed into the Feisol ARCA ballhead mount without pressing the safety button? Is the safety catch just spring loaded so it will just compress when I place the stock in the Feisol...
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    Hi all, Does anyone own or use a CRETAC SBH 70D ballhead? I am thinking of getting this ballhead on a Feisol CT 3372 L tripod. Any experience? Pros? Cons? Will be used for PRS / and spotting. Thanks, Bang
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    I am looking to purchase spotter binos. I have narrowed it down to Swarovski 15 x56 SLC's and Meopta 15x 56 Meostar's. Since RO' s are on glass all day, you are a great resource for first hand information. Has anyone used either of these models? I need them mostly to spot trace, mirage, and...