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    Kestrel vs. Hornady app with 5700 4DOF?

    Everything as far as I can tell is correctly entered. So I zero my rifle at 100yards with zero wind. POA and POI match up perfectly. So after calculating zero angle on the 4dof app, my correction at 100 yds is 0 elevation, and 0 windage. Makes sense. However, when I calculate zero angle on the...
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    Kestrel vs. Hornady app with 5700 4DOF?

    Thanks for the reply. I‘m actually relieved to find out that the discrepancy between the app and the Kestrel is not normal. I’ll try a factory reset on the Kestrel and start all over. Thanks for your help.
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    Kestrel vs. Hornady app with 5700 4DOF?

    Reviving this thread. I am having the same exact situation between the 4dof app and the Hornady Kestrel. Have not been able to find a good answer as to why this is the case. Has anyone contacted Kestrel or Hornady directly to inquire?
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    Looking for MDT ACC Chassis Certificate

    Still looking for an MDT ACC cert!
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    Zero angle on app vs Hornady Kestrel

    I have a question about calculating zero angle on the Hornady Kestrel. I have used the 4dof app on my iPhone quite a bit and am familiar with calculating zero angle on it. The app allows you to input the "impact height" and the "impact windage" during the "find zero angle" function. And the app...
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    Looking for MDT ACC Chassis Certificate

    Looking to buy a MDT ACC Chassis certificate. After shooting my ACC, my wife now wants one for her rifle. Haha. Thanks.
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    WTB: Zeus/Vector hand tight barrel

    Looking for a hand tight barrel for a Zeus/Vector action in 6 creedmoor, 6.5 creedmoor, or .308. I'll even take one that is near the end of its life for the right price. Anything to keep me entertained until the barrels I have on order arrive. Thanks.
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    Triggertech diamond issue

    Just got a Zeus this weekend and installed a triggertech diamond. It was fine for the first 50 or so dry fires, then the same issue. Calling Triggertech tomorrow.
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    All SOLD

    I’ll take these.
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    SOLD Badger Dead Level $120

    My Paypal is (F&F or add 3%). I'll ship out on Monday and send you the tracking info.
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    SOLD Badger Dead Level $120

    SOLD Badger Ordnance Dead Level. Used it a few times. Includes original box and paperwork. Paypal Payment (F&F or add 3%). If you have questions about the item or questions about my trustworthiness, please ask those questions before committing to buy. Thanks. $120 shipped.
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    SOLD Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR Bipod $250

    SOLD BT46-LW17 Atlas PSR Bipod. Standard height with ADM 170-S Lever. It has been to the range a few times and used on a bench, never in mud or dirt. The rubber feet show a really small amount of wear, otherwise looks new. No wear or scratches on the anodizing. Functions like new...
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    SOLD Leica CRF Rangemaster 2800.COM (like new) $545

    SOLD Like new Leica CRF Rangemaster 2800.COM. Never actually used it outside. Everything is like new, even the box. Includes everything it ships with from Leica: manual, carrying case, neoprene cover. Paypal payment (F&F or add 3%). If you have any questions about the product or my...
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    SOLD Peltor LEP-200 New $175

    Still for sale