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    FYI: Lone Peak Fuzion short actions in at Altus

    I gambled and ordered a Manners inlet for a Fuzion a couple months ago. I'm so glad I'll have something to fill it with soon! Just wanted to give you all a heads up so you don't have to run around with an empty stock yelling "BANG." There's no dignity in that.
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    Big shout out to Kifaru!

    I have to give credit where it's due. My ~13 year old badly abused G1 Molle Express was sent back for a warranty repair on a failed zipper. It still would close due to the two-zipper redundancy, but I knew I was screwed when the remaining zipper failed. Anyhow, I asked for an estimate on a...
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    Why is this G17L selling for $4500?

    I noticed this on gunbroker. There are multiple bids on it. What am I missing? I love my G17L, and we've been through many fun 3-gun days. It would be gone in a heartbeat for $4500.
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    HAM Help

    I'd be very grateful if some HAM-oriented people could give this a read. My goal is to maintain communications with my mom. She's fiercely independent and tough, but you know... Gotta' look after mom! We're rural, and the phones are not always reliable. According to the topo she's two miles...
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    Found a good deal on x300u-b

    I was fishing around for a new pistol light to celebrate the apocalypse with and stumbled on Big Tex Outdoors. Said and done the bill came to $190.99 shipped. It's only for the B version, and only for black. Thought I'd pass it on... I'm not affiliated with Big Tex Outdoors.
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    Getting second suppressor, which one?

    I'd like to pick up a second suppressor to go with the 9" SAS Arbiter that I already own. The Arbiter spends most of its time traveling between a precision rifle and a 8" 300Blk on an AR platform, with a rare visit to a couple other rifles. I'd like to leave the SAS on the precision rifle and...
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    TAD done me right!

    Hi, I know that customer service is important to many here. I just wanted to put in a good word for TAD. I had one of their jackets for maybe two years and had to send it back for a zipper repair. The model that I sent in was discontinued, so they sent me an upgrade to replace it. You...
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    Where to find a 1:7 twist ar15 barrel in 300 Blk

    Hi, I've googled hi and low, and can't find a source for an 8" barrel in 300 AAC Blackout with a 1 in 7" twist to put on an AR-15. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Bob
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    paint on flash suppressor under suppressor

    Hi, I picked up the flash hiders that will serve as a mount for a SAS Arbiter. If I put a few coats of Duracoat on the flash hider, will it affect the suppressor/flash hider fit noticeably? Thanks, Bob
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    Where to buy TAD jackets

    Sometimes it's cheaper to go through a distributor than buying directly from the factory. Is that the case with TAD? I searched around, but couldn't find any distributors except for this one... They have the...
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    Can a wobbly bench cause powder bridging?

    I'm having a terrible time with Varget bridging in my RCBS Pro2000 while I'm loading 223 NM ammo. I haven't tried the used dryer sheet trick that I read about in a search. I'm a bachelor so tell me----why the hell do people use dryer sheets in their laundry, anyhow? Has anyone noticed a...
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    Bullet for larger game and subsonic load for 7mm08

    Hi, I'm looking for a bullet that fits two bills. One is as a hog (and maybe someday other big animal) bullet, and the other is as a subsonic projectile. When hunting, I intend to shoot the bullet at full speed, NOT subsonically. I use a 162 amax for target and for deer. They shoot great...
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    1st round doesn't feed when savage mag is full

    Hi, If there are four rounds in the magazine of my Savage 10, and the bolt is closed, the first round won't feed. The bolt's just not catching the brass as it closes. If I push down ever-so-slightly on the bullet-side of the round, it will be angled correctly and feed. I tried tweaking the...