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    SOLD Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x26mm Short Dot (CQB, CCW) -SOLD

    Like-new condition S&B 1.5-8x26mm Short dot FFP, 34mm tube, CCW turrets Comes with Tenebraex lens cover, factory box, paper and bikini cover as well. Only had this out once to confirm accuracy on a rifle. I should have removed it before putting it back in the safe. Small handling mark on the...
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    NO TRADES Asking ALL SOLD Optic is about 18 months old with minimal use; it's sat in a safe for all of 2020. Excellent condition. I'm still hunting for the box, papers, etc. so at this time. Again, no trades, mount is sold.
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    Brand new in the box Trigger Tech Diamond R700 2-stage (green) trigger $300 (paypal F&F) shipped No trades please
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    Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 EXOS #7 w/0.1 mil external adjustment - $1775

    New Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 CC Exos "CC" close-quarter setting like the Short Dots Locking, exposed elevation turret; 0.1 Mils CW #7 German Reticle in 2nd Focal plane Flash Dot/Short Dot tech 1-11 settings with "off" in between each 30mm main tube Basically, this is like the old, Short Dot LE...
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    WTS: 22 Hornet Ammo (Hornady 35 Vmax & Rem 45gr HP)

    1x Case of Hornady 35gr Vmax 22 Hornet (10 boxes of 25) $ 230 shipped 4x boxes of 50 rounds of Remington 45 hollow point $180 shipped $400 shipped for all of it
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    SOLD B&T APC 9 PRO w/ 5x 30-round mags, SB tac Brace

    Had this since mid-June, and it's way too easy to eat up 9mm with this thing. 700 rounds fired total and is still very clean; it's an insanely simple but smooth gun. APC 9 Pro that I've added SB Tactical brace, ERGO grip and rail covers to. 5x 30-round mags included All original items...
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    Nightforce 30mm 1.00" height rings - $70

    NIghtforce scope rings 30mm tube/ring diameter 1" height $70 shipped NO TRADES
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    Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4x20 SPR Firedot $450

    Like new in box. Comes with Butler Creek lens caps and all original paperwork. Excellent condition VX-R Patrol Firedot SPR 1.25-4x20 30mm main tube; exposed windage and elevation turrets in 1/10th Mil adjustments Daylight Bright dot 2nd Focal Plane mil reticle push-button illumination control...
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    Used LMT SOPMOD Gen 2 stocks

    ALL SOLD All in good condition save for some rattlecamo OD green. Not interested in trades
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    ALL SOLD Spuhr 4616 (4002 is sold)

    NO TRADES Both like-new condition SP-4616 Pic mount 34mm main tube, Cantilever 20 MOA cant 38mm (1.5") height SP-4002 (SOLD) Pic mount 34mm main tube, standard 0 MOA cant 38mm (1.5") height $295 ea. shipped (paypal F&F)
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    Optic is as new in box. It has been removed and used for an optical comparison and not used for live fire. Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8x with Horus H27D reticle Comes in original box with all paperwork and accessories. $2800 shipped. $2700 shipped NO TRADES
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    Centurion Arms 16" Recce barrel - Bartlein 5R blank finished by Monte at Centurion - 5.56, 1:7" Twist, 5R, 1/2x28 thread - Mid-length Gas system Comes with Centurion low profile gas block with the tongue and groove index to the barrel. Melonited mid-length gas tube. NOTE: the barrel has less...
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    WTS: Tangent Theta TT315P Gen 2 XR- $3000 shipped

    NO TRADES Like new Tangent Theta 3-15x50mm TT315P 34mm main tube, tool-less turrets Gen 2 XR reticle The scope is good I went and bought myself the bigger brother. The only problem is that some knucklehead put is rifle next to mine in a rack and left a scuff on the side of the...
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    Sako Semi-auto sniper rifle?... I'm listening "The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command has signed a letter of intent with Sako Ltd. to develop a new family of Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles / Designated Marksman’s Rifles. " Could...
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    Keeping it.
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    Hodge Defense/Bartlein Recce

    Covid brought my Recce plans to a grinding halt. I have test-fired this gun with 3 different mags of ammo with some donor parts. Several match ammo shooting sub-MOA. Hodge Defense Mod 1 7075 Aluminum milspec upper finished out with Colt milspec forward assist and ejection port cover...
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    Badger Ord Mlok LPHM Harris 6-9" with Pod Lock

    Badger Ordnance LPMH Mlok interface 6-9 Harris (segmented leg, new style inside release button). Lightly used $180 shipped (paypal F&F) NO TRADES
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    Factory HK 416 14.5" Upper receiver; Rem RAHG rail

    This is a factory Heckler & Koch 416 upper receiver. Made in Oberndorf; NOT an assembled parts build; NOT an MR556 cut-down. OTB (Over the Beach) spec chamber with the extractor support stud. 550-600 rounds fired. I am the original owner; upper was purchased new. "AG" date code (2006...
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    Tangent Theta Gen 2XR question 3-15x Vs. 5-25x

    I have read that the Gen 2 XR in the 3-15x has different reticle dimensions than the 5-25x. If anyone knows the changes/differences (if this is true) I would like to know. Otherwise, what I would like to know is that if I generally run between 10-15x in the 3-15x and am considering a 5-25x in...