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    Suppressors Mini Temp Study

    Did a little temp study this morning and hope it helps someone for something.
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    10/22 Build

    Good evening, A 10/22 landed in my lap for the best price. It is my first 10/22 and is completely stock and in very good condition. The trigger is terrible, along with the bolt lock/release porta-potty fire situation, and mag release that needs a 5 year old's finger to dig into the stock to...
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    Rifle Scopes Bushy 4.5-18x44 LRHSi Throw Lever?

    Morning! Any of you rifle jockeys a 3D print nerd? Looking for a line on an inexpensive option for a throw lever for one of these GAP deal scopes from last year. AADland is OOS, plus the price is $60. Can anyone help out? If anyone has a CAD file, I can probably get access to a printer. But...
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    Hunting & Fishing Which Broad Heads for Whitetail?

    Good evening all, Which broad heads are you having success with on white tails? I'm hunting WI and started bow hunting last year. Got a buck and a doe with some OLD school broad heads that I got from my FIL: four blade ferrule type. They came in a blister pack with the price tag still on: $6.99...
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    Dedicated 22lr Barreled Upper

    Good evening, Looking at maybe building or buying a dedicated 22LR upper. What works? Looks like there are some incompatible options so I don't want to waste funds going after parts that won't work together. Accuracy will be the driver knowing that it won't be an Annie but want to squeeze as...
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    Rifle Scopes 0, 20, or 30 MOA base?

    This is more of a ‘where do I go from here?’ question from a guy who would like to start into an ELR-ish game. Weapon: R700 Sendero 7mmRM, old school: non fluted 26in blued barrel, OE HS Precision stock, slightly massaged trigger, Duracoated matte black, barrel re-crowned and threaded with SiCo...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Looking for brass for 1918 Webley MK VI

    Good evening all, *Not sure if these belongs in Vintage section, PX, or here; so please move if needed. Thanks!* I was fortunate to have the opportunity to own a Webley MK VI with an uncut cylinder. For those that don't know, these are WWI era guns and from what I understand most of...
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    Suppressors Observations on First Outing w/ SilencerCo Omega

    Went on my first outing with my first suppressor today in the cold rain that could not dampen my day. Gun: Home built, using mostly Aeroprecision parts with WOA 18" SPR, Geiselle G2S, Bushnell 2.5-16, Omega .30 w/ anchor brake. Ammo: For groups -- 69g SMK over 24.4g IMR4895, Mixed LC Brass...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns First Revolver Advice?

    Good evening Hiders, I am looking for my first revolver and am looking for some advice. I am not a stranger to handguns and own a Kimber Super Carry Pro .45ACP and a S&W Model 410 in .40S&W. Previously owned a .44RM Desert Eagle (sold a few years ago to pay a mortgage note.. long story). I have...
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    Ready for the next step in accuracy but... question

    I am ever humbled by how much I have to learn from the vast knowledge from the members here. A bit of background first, and apologies if it gets long winded. I have been reloading for about 15 years for 40S&W, 9mm, 44mag, 7RM, and 7-08 (the last one only for a year or so) and have had decent...
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    Hornady 7mm-08 Brass and pressure?

    Hey all! New guy here, been a light reloader for about 15 years with 7RM, 40S&W, and 44mag, and now 7mm-08. I picked up a cheap Savage Axis in 7/08 last spring then could not find any brass. So I ordered 2 boxes of factory Hornady whitetail 139g SPs and found out the gun hated them: best I...