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  1. sodakhunter

    Accessories FOUND. RRS Rubber Foot/Feet for Tripod

    Like title says, I am looking for one or more of the rubber feet that go on the RRS Tripods. Hoping someone converted to the Metal claw or spike ones and has some setting around. I lost one of these hiking through some cattails and weeds last weekend. Let me know. Thanks.
  2. sodakhunter

    Accessories WTB Accurate mag 300WM CIP length

    Prefer 3 rounder but a 5 will do. Let me know. Thanks.
  3. sodakhunter

    Accessories WTB Curtis Long Action Mag /flush fit long action AI mag

    Like title says. Looking for a flush fit Mag in AI long action pattern. Ive only seen Curtis making these but open to any others as well. Got a 300 PRC on way with a Manners mini chassis that will be used for hunting mainly. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
  4. sodakhunter

    Should George Floyd be pardoned.

    I’m not sure if it is even possible but wouldn’t it be something if President Trump Would or could pardon George Floyd for each of his convictions individually. He could do a new one each day for quite a while. I wonder how this would be received? Just thinking out loud here.
  5. sodakhunter

    Accessories FOUND. DT SRS QD Brake .30 cal. 3/4x24

    Like title says. Let me know what you have. New or used i don’t care. Thanks for looking.
  6. sodakhunter

    "Rumor" Mesa Precision new Summit Action "Rumor"

    I've heard a few rumblings about a new action that may be coming out from Mesa Precision. Rumor has it that it will be similar to a Mesa Crux action, with a few enhancements/changes and the short action Ti version will come in at 18oz. There aren't a lot of threads on the Mesa Action, but from...