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    LMT 224V

    Has anyone here tried the .224V conversion on their MRP? Or, is anyone shooting an LMT .224V? Just curious if accuracy is on par with their .556 stainless barrels. Thanks! FR
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    Suppressors Area 419 suppressor adapter

    Since the TBAC CB adapter is timed (when installed on the muzzle) to have the ports on the sides, does it matter that the Area 419 adapter ports will be different from that since it is installed into the suppressor itself? I'm thinking the TBAC muzzle device/brake is timed simply for shooting...
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    Rifle Scopes What happened to NF durability test video?

    It's no longer on here or ytube. Frank posted it and Tom Bstrand hosted it. Just wondering because a buddy asked me about it as he's researching scopes right now.
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    Suppressors Anti seize for muzzle devices

    A friend of mine got his 419 stuck pretty good on his barrel. Used some Kroil and a good bit of wrench to break loose. Looking at the barrel threads, I could see a very slight amount of galling but he said it was that way from the start. We cleaned up the threads and reinstalled the 419 with...
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    Rifle Scopes NF ATACR 7-35 does this sound right?

    Just mounted my ATACR 7-35 and it seemed to be off factory zero when boresighted for my base so I bottomed it out and and went up, counting clicks, and found that it had a total of 370 clicks (mil scope w/ .1 mil clicks) total from bottom to top. This (37.0 mils) is way more than the stated...
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    Varget and 6.5 Creedmoor

    Just for the heck of it, I tried 35 grains of Varget behind the 140 ELDm's while working on my OCW tests. It was a the only Varget load I tried. Manual shows 2550 mv but I haven't chronoed it yet. 5 rounds went through the same hole at 100 yds. I thought this was a fluke so I loaded 5 more...