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    Reloading Equipment WTB Peterson 6.5 SRP

    Yes I am. Send you a pm now.
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    How do you like rl16? Are you maxing out at 33gn?
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    @Dthomas3523 are there any issues one needs to know about before jumping into this cartridge? I’ve heard pressure issues but I’m not sure if it’s good info or not.
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    Emotions are high...let's not assassinate Ferdinand again

    The real question is how the hell do you hunt over 270,000 big game animals?
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    After the 20th, adjusting the ugliness on here

    I say start it now. The gun community needs to get focused on what’s gonna come down the pipeline. We will be attacked and potentially ca gun laws for the nation.
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    Still have an ignore button

    Agreed for the sake of transparency we need to see these emails. Expose the punk bitches.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Peterson 6.5 SRP

    Looking for new 6.5 creedmoor small rifle primer.
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    I saw him at the magic castle some years back. He put on a good show.
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    @Nik H how you like me now?

    Did you do this while sucking @Bigfatcock big fat cock cause it sounds like you have a big fat cock in your mouth.
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    BREAKING: POTUS speech to VETO the cursed "COVID bill". End payments to foreign countries. America First. At least $2K to suffering American workers.

    And this is why they hate him so much. He’s not playing ball and fulfilling Congress’ bullshit back door deals they have with lobbyists. He’s have another term if he’d gotten us into 4 more wars. That’s a guarantee.
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    Rifle Competition Events What would you change or do differently with current competitions/organizations?

    I think the most important thing is to have a rules standard. Then have some sort of classification. I think once you have that setup, competitors know who they’re up against. You compete within your class. Just like Uspsa. You have clear cut standards to move up in class. As for prizes, either...
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    2020 PRS Finale info

    I like how their statement says that twenty something MDs voted on it and agreed with the outcome. As if there isn’t a conflict of interest. As If the series doesn’t already strong arm them into the types of events they can hold.
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    2020 PRS Finale info

    What I don’t understand is as an organization why wouldn’t you look at other shooting sports organizations and take the good and implement it? Is it laziness? Ego? Just seems like the drama is always something that should have been thought of long before a single round was ever loaded into a...
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    2020 PRS Finale info

    Why the fuck wouldn’t you have a chrono stage like they do at any national Uspsa match where they inspect your shit and can make a determination on the spot? Instead you champion a guy then take it away days later. All the drama that the PRS has created is 100% warranted. With their drama track...
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    PSA: Don't let your bolt gun fall with the bolt open while cleaning it. **UPDATE: FIXED**

    @LongRifles Inc. is making replacement bolts. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/lri-direct-replacement-tikka-t3-bolts.7044482/#post-9068263
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    Jeeez Louise. Where are all the reloading supplies and factory ammo disappearing too?

    This is all army Jerry’s fault. Fucker gets banned then retaliates by buy up the ammo supply.
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    Any car guys/mechs?

    Try lkq but I’m not sure if they sell to the public.