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    2012 -24 Sniper Adventure Race

    Hey guys. RayDog from Thunder Beast here. I'm finally home for a couple weeks in a row and finally getting to look at some of the vides from the 24 SAC we ran this year. Man it was pretty awesome. Here's a post race video of the second place team before hey knew how they placed...
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    Range Report First round hit at 735 for new shooter

    I was teaching a class in Elkton OR last week. One of the ladies from the kitchen asked if she could come shoot a little after class one day. I was very happy to get her and another lady out to burn some powder. Hell they feed me while I'm there and they do an awesome job. I love going out to...
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    Why I stay fit.... with Cross Fit

    As many of you know there is a pretty bad ass fire going here in Fort Collins CO. We worked very hard for hours at 7300' cutting, pulling and pushing trees to make a fire brake to try and save my best friends place. We worked way past when they came to tell us to evacuate only stopping due to...
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    I dug a ditch

    Dug a ditch 4' deep 18" wide about 30' long. Took two of us 5 hours. Remember I'm in the Rocky Mountains. We were at 7300' and I was reminded many times why they are called the Rocky Mountains. We worked pretty hard and consistent. It wasn't that bad but it did feel like I did something when we...
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    seated box jumps

    We had to do these after push presses. I think I can get another 45lb bumper plate if my legs were fresh. Not to bad for 43 years old and broken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjxCQGsKt84
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    Downloaded this app this morning before this ride. Just wanted to see how it is. So far it's pretty cool. Bobcat is an out and back single track climb that is an awesome downhill. This is how I started my day http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/58937380
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    3 and 5 shot group at 1075 with MRAD

    The wind finally went down below 35mph today so I got a few rounds through the MRAD. Load is 92 of Retumbo pushing a 300 scenar from a Lapua case ignited with a 215M. Here is a picture of a group I shot at the end of the day. First shot was the hit just right of center on the orange line...
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    Suppressors Thunder Beast gets another machine

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for supporting us over the last few years. Company is doing well and we look forward to getting our already low wait times down even more with this new addition. We ordered this 5 months ago and it just showed up. It should be making chips later today! We...
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    First class in Oregon

    Hey guys I just got back from teaching our first class at a new venue in Elkton OR. We had some rain but a good time was had by all. Here are a couple vids of participants in the class. This first one is of the current NBRSA 1000 yard National Champ Bruce Bangeman. I had a good time asking him...
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    Advanced Marksmanship The one that got away

    I competed in the 2011 Steel Safari last weekend. Over the 2 day match I fired 120 times at targets.I hit 105 times and missed 15 times. Of those 15 misses 14 I'm cool with. Even though I should have shot better off the sticks on the first day dropping 5 of my 10 missed on day one from the...
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    I posted tis over in training but it belongs here too. I knew it was going to be an interesting training session when I pulled up and saw a 32k kettle bell and a 95lb bar bell on the ground. The Drill 21 Thrusters 95lb run @35 yards pick up AR and double each of the 3 targets 15 yards away...
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    Hard day at range..good training

    I knew it was going to be an interesting training session when I pulled up and saw a 32k kettle bell and a 95lb bar bell on the ground. The Drill 21 Thrusters 95lb run @35 yards pick up AR and double each of the 3 targets 15 yards away (frangible ammo) mag change do again Transition to pistol...
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    Barbra is a BITCH

    For you CF guys you know. We did Barbra last night 5 Rounds of 20 Pull ups 30 Push ups 40 Sit Ups 50 Squats Rest 3 minutes start again I did it in 33:30 I like this one cause there is no equipment other than a pull up bar needed
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    FIght Gone Bad

    Last workout my gym had us do for 2010 was Fight Gone Bad. To those that have done it... you know it's a good way to end the year. I went in with my legs smoked and now they are cooked. For those that don't know it 1 minute wall ball 20 lbs 10" 1 minute Sumo Deadlift HIgh Rows 70lbs 1 minute...
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    3 1/2 Hour Snowshoe above 10,000 ASL

    Went out with my girlfriend, cousin and friend for a short snowshoe. We ended up spending a few hours right at about 10,000 feet. Here's a couple photos. First one is my girlfriend on one of the slight climbs through the trees. SNow looks pretty packed but if you took off your shoes like my...
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    12 Days Of Christmas workout

    We did this in CF tonight For time 1 Burpee Pull Up 2 Turkish Get Ups 16k kettle bell 3 Knees to Elbows 4 Wall Ball Shots 20lb ball 10' high 5 KB Swings 32k 6 Box Jumps 7 Push Press 75lb 8 Ball Slams 15lb 9 Double Unders 10 Jumping Lunges 11 Push Ups 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75 lb You...
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    I got worked last night in CrossFit

    Not that getting worked is unusual but I really got hammered last night. workout was 15 minutes max rounds of 10 DeadLift 45% of max. I used 160lbs 8 V-ups 6 push press 35lb dumb bells I did 11 complete rounds. I was just finishing round 10 and had 1 minute left. One of the coaches calls out...
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    Range Report DTA 338 with Thunder Beast 338BA Suppresor

    I got some range time with our 338BA can on a Desert Tactical 338 Lapua today. I gotta say I was pleased with the results. I’ll do more of a complete write up and post on my site but this should be good for now. Here are a couple pictures of the rifle. DTA 338 Lapua with a S&B 5-25 on top and...
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    KIller WOD last night

    Last night we did 20 minutes max rounds of 5 pullups 10 Burpees 15 lateral KB swings WOW this was hard. I did 10 complete and the pullups and burpees. I was picking up the kb when time ran out. I wanted 11 complete rounds and came up a little short. I was worked pretty good at the end.
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    100 burpees for time

    I did 100 for time today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYkGj47tUMQ I'll never do them on carpet again. My knees are burnt. I'll never do them before a crossfit class again either. It made todays workout harder than it should've been. did them about 1 hour before class and the thrusters they...