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  1. sheepdog697

    Accessories Haley strategic cheat rig D3CRX

    I have for sale a Haley strategic D3CRX. This is the old version with a radio pouch. It’s in kryptek highlander. Comes with (4) mp2 inserts as well. SOLD shipped
  2. sheepdog697

    Accessories WTS spiritus gear, price drop and multicam tropic added

    I have the following spiritus gear available: Coyote 5.56 placard SOLD Coyote size 1 Molle tubes $95 Multicam size 1 Molle tubes SOLD Multicam ARID size 2 Molle tubes SOLD Multicam elastic cummerbund size 1 SOLD Multicam elastic cummerbund size 2 $80 Multicam tropic size 1 molle tubes $95 All...
  3. sheepdog697

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Anyone have any Survive! knives?

    Anyone besides me love the Survive! knives? Ive got a GSO 4.7 and the craftsmanship is amazing. Also, probably the sharpest factory edge i have on any of my fixed blades (tops, kabar, esee).
  4. sheepdog697

    Another tikka 6.5CM review. LOVE this gun.

    Had this gun for about a year, and wanted to throw up a review. I purchased a Tikka T3x CTR in 6.5 creedmoor. The rifle came with a 24" threaded barrel, 10 round detachable magazine and bottom medal, and a stock picatinny rail. I ordered an KRG xray chassis, yo dave trigger spring, silencerco...
  5. sheepdog697

    Looking for handguard suggestions that can fit a .650 JP Thermal Dissipator?

    Hello everyone. I have some parts coming in for an upper i will be assembling soon. The only thing left is basically the handguard. I purchased an 18' jp barrel and headspaced bolt. Order the .650 Long thermal dissipator, and was wondering what options i had for handguards. I have tried...
  6. sheepdog697

    Rifle Scopes Vortex AMG vs HD2 4.5-27

    Am I missing something? A while ago I was in the market and the AMG was priced above the price of the gen2 4.5-27 Japan models. However it seems now the AMG is priced lower than the 4.5-27. I currently have the vortex razor gen 1 5-20 and am possibly thinking of upgrading. I’m a union...
  7. sheepdog697

    Training Courses Top facilities/classes within 8 hours of CHI

    I live in northwest Indiana. Almost a suburb of Chicago. Me and a few friends are seriously considering a long range precision class. We have opportunities to reach out beyond a 1000yds at home, do it somewhat regularly. I problems getting hits however CONSISTENCY is an issue. Groups at 100 are...
  8. sheepdog697

    armalite 308 compatibility.

    can i swap out a rifle length buffer tube on an armalite ar10b, with an ordinary adjustable buffer tube and stock? Or will i have to buy a proprietary armalite 308 buffer tube and stock? thanks in advance
  9. sheepdog697

    Swapping the DDm4v5 quad rail

    Hi guys, Im finally swapping my quad rail out that came on my ddm4v5. Its pretty heavy and id really like to switch to mlok or keymod like my other handguards. I have a bcm and am pretty fond of the bcm kmr hand guard. Im not very "hip" in the AR accessories world. What are all the kids running...
  10. sheepdog697

    Hunting & Fishing Hunting rounds for the 6.5

    Thinking about taking the 6.5creedmoor out this year for some whitetail hunting in indiana. Last year i used the 178gr .308 eld-x by hornady and had some good results. Im thinking of going with the 143gr eld-x for the 6.5. Has anyone had any good experiences with these? Would you recommend a...
  11. sheepdog697

    Suppressors 45 Suppressor

    Thinking of purchasing a 45 can. Would be using it on a few subguns, and a few handguns. Anyone have any opinions on the cans available today. Thanks, Sheepdog
  12. sheepdog697

    Armalite AR-10 Lower compatibility

    I have a gen 1 armalite ar10, im considering switching it out to be able to use the 308 pmags. Can i switch out my gen 1 lower for a gen 2 lower, and have all the parts be compatible? Thanks in advance.
  13. sheepdog697

    Armalite ar10 handguard question

    Hi, Im looking into switching out the freefloat handguard on my armalite ar10. I know a lot of things with them are proprietary, and im having issues finding out if the handguard/barrel nut are as well. Can i put any ar10 handguard on this rifle, or will i have to order the armalite...
  14. sheepdog697

    What data is everyone using in their kestrel 5700 for the 130gr PRIME 6.5cm

    Just ordered a case of 130 gr PRIME 6.5cm. Not sure what bullet they are using. Is it in the library? If not can someone list the input data? Thanks in advance. I have the 5700 Elite w/Link btw. Also what is the average FPS and SD everyone is seeing? Ive got a 24" tikka, and i have a...
  15. sheepdog697

    Looking for a rear support bag to use with tripod or barricades.

    Ive seen lots of PRS shooters using a larger rear back that is actually strapped to the arm. I was wondering if these would be a good addition to making my tripod position/barricade positional shooting more stable. What specific bags do you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  16. sheepdog697

    RCBS chargemaster 1500 vs lite model

    Going to purchase one of these in the next few days before the rebate is over. What is everyones opinion on using the lite vs the 1500? What are the advantages of the 1500 vs lite and are they worth the extra $110? Thanks in advance.
  17. sheepdog697

    Armalite bolt compatibility question

    Having an issue finding any information online. I have an armalite ar10 that is having extracting issues. It is basically double feeding. Ive tried all bullet weights from 147gr to 175gr. Still doing the same thing. So i was looking into purchasing a new bcg. However the armalite bcg is...
  18. sheepdog697

    double feeding armalite 308

    Hi, Just fired an armatlite 10 i picked up for the first time today. Everytime i shot it would feed one from the mag and NOT eject the spent case causing a double feed. Literally everytime. My thoughts were either extractor issue, not heavy enough buffer, or magazine problems. Anyone have any...
  19. sheepdog697

    Having issues sending gun profiles to kestrel via link app.

    I was wondering if i was doing somethig wrong. I just purchased a 5700 with AB/link. Downloaded the app and setup a few guns. At the bottom of the gun profile editor page on the app "get profiles" is able to be selected but "send profiles" is not. My bluetooth symbol is blue on the app and...
  20. sheepdog697

    Rifle Scopes nighforce 4-14 SHV f1 ffp series

    Anyone have any experience with these? I just picked one up on black friday. I was in the market for a 5700 elite kestrel, and their website had a deal that you got one free with any NF scope purchase. I ordered one, and it should be here in a few days. Just wondering if anyone on here has...