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  1. Kisssofdeath

    RWS R50sc ammo test

    Since yesterday got above 40° I thought I'd try out some RWS R-50sc ammo I recently found for $11.99 per box. I bought a brick to start with to try out in several rifles. Below are the test results from yesterday. All rifles were shot with a cold bore, straight from the house to the bench...
  2. Kisssofdeath

    Anschutz Exemplar

    Some of you may know that over the years I have bought three Exemplars in 22 LR. I have finally convinced myself to let at least one go. I'll be listing one on GB tonight. Here is a sample of what they look like and what they "can" look like and how the accuracy is. Typical two stage pull...
  3. Kisssofdeath

    So who's got a Deuce on order?

    Just like it says, curious to know how many in here have one on order.
  4. Kisssofdeath

    Penrod B-14R is back

    After less than 2 months I got my Penrod rebarreled B-14R back. The work visually is excellent with the barrel/nut/receiver connection looking very nice. The barrel is a 4 groove Shilen Ratchet. It ended up being exactly 24.5" long with a straight blank at .920 OD. Of course it was slugged to...
  5. Kisssofdeath

    New B-14R CF Barrel in MDT XRS chassis review

    Coming soon to a monitor near you.
  6. Kisssofdeath

    On any given day...I'm convinced

    Like the title says, I'm convinced that on any given day you can take a typical rifle out to shoot and it shoot fantastic. Here's my Kimber 82G #3. It's kinda beat up, lots of bolt wear and the bolt doesn't even match the receiver. But it does have a 14-16 oz trigger. This was shot with SK...
  7. Kisssofdeath

    Kisssofdeath's Tikka T1x controlled round feeding video

    I have been wanting to do this for awhile now just to show how the Tikka T1x can have controlled round feeding and 99.99% reliable ejection if a person needs/wants it. Feel free to comment here or on BitChute about the video itself or the content. I realize the video isn't perfect and I made a...
  8. Kisssofdeath

    Calfee chambers

    According to charts I see all the Calfee chambers have a length of .600" Pretty sure I already know the answer to this but can anyone confirm your rifling engages and engraves the bullet? I'm just looking for confirmation. Thanks to anyone who takes time to check this or already knows his...
  9. Kisssofdeath

    Reloading scale delima please read.

    It's finally time to bite the bullet, pay the piper and buy a quality scale. I have narrowed it down to these two. At first I was leaning towards the A&D FX-120i for $500 shipped but then I ran across the A&D EJ-123 for $319.50 shipped. Does anyone think the FX is $180 better than the EJ; if...
  10. Kisssofdeath

    Rockn' and a Rolln' Fastest trigger finger in the world

    Since I figured out how to put a video on here this is my second one. Don't you wish you were this fast.
  11. Kisssofdeath

    First ever video. Just messing around.

    Testing out the video I uploaded to BitChute. The video is related to reloading, my wife filmed this a few years back. I might start making small 60 sec videos for fun. 300 blackout subsonic reloads
  12. Kisssofdeath

    New bolt handles for the T1x and B-14R

    Finally got the swept bolt handles in from Anarchy Outdoors. I wanted black but it was going to be another two weeks and I didn't want to wait. I can send it back later on for a black one if I want to. Overall they are pretty nice. The way they are made allows you to adjust the elevation of...
  13. Kisssofdeath

    457 IBI barrel is finally here

    Finally got here today. Barrel is 20". Cannot get threaded directly from IBI. Stainless finish is the only option. Barrel shank OD and length is exactly the same as the factory barrel. Until I test some ammo I see no point in playing with the headspace. I just want to see what happens first...
  14. Kisssofdeath

    Mag holder for the MPA

    Thought I would share my new mag holders for the 457 in the MPA chassis. You can buy the actual mag holder at Short Action Precision but you have to create a way to hold it on your rifle. Because of the surface contour I made the flat sides from some steel drawer dividers I had laying around. I...
  15. Kisssofdeath

    T1x ejector, magwell and mag mod

    The large majority of T1x owners will not have to do these modifications to make your T1x function any better. If it's working good don't mess with it. Mine wasn't working good after I installed the IBI barrel with Win 52D chamber. Everything functioned fine with the 1st IBI barrel and the...
  16. Kisssofdeath

    Rimfire Area 419 Bolt Knob for sale fits CZ 457 or B-14R

    Like new. $20 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  17. Kisssofdeath

    IBI Barrel #2

    Some of you already know about my 2nd IBI barrel and its oversize shank problem. Before starting a write up on it I wanted to get it to fit first. Now that that's done here we go. As usual I'll show a photo with dialog above it. Here is the shank size as received. This is what I asked for...
  18. Kisssofdeath

    Bergara B-14R Range Report and Assessment

    This will be a lengthy report because I want to show a few photos and explain what might be important to you, the reader. This is not organized and will be written as things comes to mind. This assessment should not be taken as an indicator of how all B-14R rifles will perform; this is how...
  19. Kisssofdeath

    Tikka 17 HMR suppressed and unsuppressed accuracy results

    Been wanting to do this for awhile now. This is mainly an FYI post but conversation is definitely welcome. I shot my Tikka 17 HMR in my Bravo KRG stock yesterday without a suppressor, suppressed with my AAC Ti-Rant 45M and suppressed with my Silencerco Sparrow. There was a point of impact...
  20. Kisssofdeath

    Got the boat paddle out

    Well, it's been awhile since getting this old Kimber 82G out. Can you guess why I called it a boat paddle? Anyway, just thought I would share a photo or two since most everyone talks about tactical rifles in here. Actually this 6' 100 lb rifle is tactical and is so tactical that most people...