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  1. quietmike

    Photoshop help

    Can someone combine these for me?
  2. quietmike

    White influences in American culture???

    Apparently being polite, respecting authority, rational thinking, working for what you want, and thinking two parent families are best is a white thing that has been forced on people of color. Give me a f'n break! H
  3. quietmike

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Help with a 12 ga auto

    So my wife decided she wanted to learn to shoot more guns than just her CCW. She eventually got around to the 870 12ga. I started her off with light field loads, moving up to 00 buck and slugs. She likes it, but doesn't like the recoil. I told her autos took some of the recoil away. She says...
  4. quietmike

    Was the 75y.o. in Buffalo faking?

    I've seen a few people with head trauma bad enough to bleed from the ears, but I've never seen it happen instantly after impact. Was it a set-up to spark outrage?
  5. quietmike

    Ukraine investigating Biden

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/joe-biden-under-probe-in-ukraine-for-alleged-link-to-top-prosecutors-2016-ouster-report Are his gaffes a legal ploy, laying the groundwork for an insanity defense?
  6. quietmike

    Happy president's day!

  7. quietmike

    Movie Theater E.M.P. 333 days

    Just watched this movie on Amazon prime. It's the story of an 11yo girl after an EMP event. Typical kid, stuck to her phone, but dad had been trying to teach her skills, and she realized, after the event, some of it stuck. As long as you're not looking for A-list actors or stunning special...
  8. quietmike

    FBI agent caught altering FISA related document

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/21/politics/fbi-fisa-russia-investigation/index.html It may start crumbling down soon.
  9. quietmike

    Huge fentanyl bust, possible terrorist plan?

    Mexico seized almost 26 tons of fentanyl, shipped from China, enough to kill everyone in the US four times over. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/08/25/25-tons-of-fentanyl-from-china-seized-in-mexico/
  10. quietmike

    SCOTUS approves military funds being used for wall

  11. quietmike

    Trump is a racist

    USA Today has an article of the 25 most segregated cities. Every one is a democrat stronghold. I'm sure it's Trump's fault somehow. https://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/money/2019/07/20/detroit-chicago-memphis-most-segregated-cities-housing-policies/1780223001/
  12. quietmike

    Movie Theater Which movies do you wish they'd make?

    Which books, stories, history, etc. do you think would make a great movie? My picks: The battle of Khe Sanh. The intensity and length of this battle would make a great movie. The USS Indianapolis. There have been a couple of movies about it so far, but they were pretty cheesy. Quint's story...
  13. quietmike

    Trump declassified russia investigation

    Gonna get interesting. https://www.dailywire.com/news/47625/breaking-trump-declassifying-information-led-ryan-saavedra
  14. quietmike

    Sex strike!

    Alyssa Milano, and several other lefty celeb women have proposed a "sex strike" to protest Georgia's "heartbeat bill" Liberals not breeding is the best news I've heard since November 2016...
  15. quietmike

    Five stages of democrat grief

  16. quietmike

    Californians are the dumbest people in the US

    A new study shows that 53% of Californians would leave the state if they could. I guess they're too dense to realize changing their voting habits would change their state? Liberals are literally like locusts, devouring the resources of an area, ruining it, then looking for their next free...
  17. quietmike

    If you were in charge of the US, what would change?

    If you were in charge, and any ideas you had became law, without worrying about Congress, what would you do?
  18. quietmike

    obamacare ruled unconstitutional

    A federal judge ruled obamacare unconstitutional now that the individual mandate is removed. Expect wailing and gnashing of teeth from the lefties...
  19. quietmike

    Night Vision Cheap night vision scope for short range

    Looking for a cheap night vision scope for shooting rats and other pests around the farm. Maybe 40 yards max. Looking to spend 1k or less,with less being better.