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  1. b6graham

    Accessories WTS/WTT TBAC Dominus K SR

    Looking to sell or trade a Dominus K SR in FDE. never mounted or fired on form 3 $1200 Possible trade add ons TT Diamond 1 or 2 stage flat TT Special 1 stage flat Hawkins M5 DBM New 6BR lapua brass (300-400) McMillan Z10/A10 arca rail Atlas CAL Gen2 105 hybrids New TBAC 22 takedown
  2. b6graham

    Savage Impulse

  3. b6graham

    Accessories WTS SPUHR SP 4601

    Looking to sell a Spuhr 4601 34mm tube 1.18" height 6mil/20moa cant $370 shipped trades: hawkins heavy tactical rings 34mm 1.15" hawkins m5 DBM short action tt diamond 1 or 2 stage flat BnA tacsport pro 1 or 2 stage with low sear and flat
  4. b6graham

    Accessories WTS Hawk Hill Spuhr Data Holder

    Have a Hawk Hill data card holder for spuhr mounts. Used for a few matches. $100 shipped
  5. b6graham

    Accessories WTS Heathen .995 6mm

    want to offload a 6mm insite heathen .995. original design. only used a handful of times $150 shipped obo
  6. b6graham

    Accessories WTS Hawk Hill Talons

    $50 shipped Used for a few matches For Atlas PSR and CAL
  7. b6graham

    Accessories sold

  8. b6graham

    Rimfire WTS RimX Prefit price drop

    Looking to sell a RimX prefit from keystone accuracy 20" heavy varmint kreiger 16 twist padom match reamer less than 1000 rounds on it threaded muzzle with invi-thread protector $620 shipped OBO
  9. b6graham

    PVA 212 Seneca

    Has anyone shot these or have good info on them? They seem to be a perfect match to the 30 Sherman Magnum I'm building.
  10. b6graham

    Accessories WTS TL3 Prefit 6.5 Creed

    TL3 (or origin with HLR spacer) straight jacket armory proof comp contour 6.5 creed 27" 7.5 twist .170 freebore $600 shipped
  11. b6graham

    Accessories sold

    Looking to sell a Manners PRS1 inletted for a Zermatt TL3/Origin. used in 3 matches Opened up slightly for a MTU/HV barrel DBM Barricade Mini Chassis Adjustable Butt spacer system with included 1/2" and 1" buttpads Saltwater Camo 2 left, 1 bottom rear non-rotating flush cups Area 419 14"...
  12. b6graham

    Reloading Equipment WTShornady 6.5 creed brass

    700 115gr DTACs TBN coated same lot #56208 SPF 6mm Creedmoor Lapua SRP 245 pieces once fired from factory Berger loaded ammo SPF Hornady 22cal 88eldm 300 same lot SPF Hornady 6.5 creed brass 180 pieces from hornady factory $60 shipped
  13. b6graham

    Accessories WTS A419/RRS Leverage Wrench

    Have some extras from the ones I made for myself. Never have a loose or stuck bipod/railchanger again. They work on A419 gold knobs and the new square RRS knobs as well. The A419 will work in either orientation and the RRS is aligned with the lever arm $50 shipped and insured
  14. b6graham

    Accessories WTS/WTT Hawkins Tank ST 30cal

    looking to sell a brand new Hawkins Tank ST muzzle brake $150 shipped/insured would trade for rimfire ammo (SK match/ CenterX etc) or A419 Sidewinder 30cal
  15. b6graham

    Area419 and RRS Clamp Levers

    Little project I've been working on with a friend Can be made with or without magnets Provide some nice extra leverage on and off. We cant all have carpenter hands
  16. b6graham

    Accessories sold MPA Enhanced bag rider and monopod weight

    $75 shipped steel enhanced bag rider and monopod weight trades: Atlas 5H spiked feet
  17. b6graham

    Firearms WTS/WTT Origin/MPA 6 Creedmoor Rifle or B/A

    Looking to sell or trade a complete build Zermatt Origin, short action, right hand MPA Comp Chassis, tungsten, old style with ambi cut and full weight kit savage prefit 6 creedmoor barrel (240ish rounds) calvin elite 2 stage trigger $2000 shipped to your ffl would separate barreled action...
  18. b6graham

    Accessories Traded

    Gone MPA Matrix Foundation Genesis 2 for TL3 Vortex Razor Gen 2 EBR-7c 4.5-27 Nightforce NX8 4-32 MilC or MilXT RRS 33 with Anvil 30 may consider cash offer too
  19. b6graham

    Accessories sold Kestrel 4dof price drop

    Want to sell a basically brand new kestrel 4dof. entered a gun into it. never even been in my pack. $425 shipped comes with everything trades considered 31" + MTU/HV/Straight 7mm or 30cal blanks in 8 or maybe 9 twist 6.5PRC TL3 prefits A419 Sidewinder brake berger factory 6/6.5 creed ammo
  20. b6graham

    2019 Gear In Review

    My thoughts Bighorn Origin Long Action, shipping immediately Kestrel with Hornady 4DOF Git-lite fill