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    I'm so glad this happened!

    I missed this place. how has everyone been?

    Sidearms & Scatterguns a little 1911 advice if you would please

    well I think I got it solved. I sold the Hardballer, lol. the Wilson Value line is MIM. I was looking up a few parts when a guy made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

    Sidearms & Scatterguns a little 1911 advice if you would please

    do you guys think they are better than the Wilson combat stuff I have already bought? its the value line of stuff, it is MIM, I did not know that. all all the current stuff is original so I don't know if AMT used MIM parts when this was made. its a stainless gun. as for reliable, after a mag...

    Sidearms & Scatterguns a little 1911 advice if you would please

    my first 1911 was a AMT Hardballer. I bought a Kimber after that and have a few others I want to buy as well. I have thought about selling the AMT, but I hate to sell my firearms. it shoots good, but needs a trigger job. I bought some Wilson internals for it and wanted to install them myself. I...

    Gunsmithing whats the going rate for threading a barrel?

    well finding who does what is the hard part it seems. there are a lot of good smiths on here that do amazing work, but it would be nice if there was a listing in one place. I never expected this many responses to be honest. im sure it would be nice for the smiths as well as us that are looking...

    Gunsmithing whats the going rate for threading a barrel?

    I need a barrel threaded and id like to see who does what and for how much. do we have a list of smiths on here? so far its looking like $100 to $150 is the going rate and a little more for a blended thread protector. that touch would be nice, but im ok with just an off the shelf thread...

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Automatic Knives: Does The Hide Have Any Favorites?

    I like lone wolf. no obvious buttons. the scales slide to actuate the opening. pretty hard to tell its an auto.

    Chargemaster or beam scale? Your opinions...

    I need to get one of these soon. has anyone tried the smart reloader isd?

    Photos Custom Stock Art Work??

    try outlaw customs on facebook for carved stocks
  10. AXEMAN

    Member Link Up anybody in Kansas?

    bumpage for rpmdo to find it
  11. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Picking my first scope for AR308

    im in the same boat. I don't want a big huge scope on my maten. ive been looking at the 3.5-10x either 32 or 40mm obj. I have a 1-4x and a 10x plus a few red dots in QD mounts, so I just change as the needs do. I just don't want anything too big
  12. AXEMAN

    folding or collapsible stock for .22lr AR?

    without buying that LAW adapter? I saw the LOKI PDW, but I heard they are out of business? I think spikes makes something too. anyone have any ideas? since I don't need the buffer tube I just wanted to do something different
  13. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Primary Arms scopes ?

    schweet, ill be ready
  14. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Primary Arms scopes ?

    any idea of the configuration? 1-4x or 1-6x? 2-7x?
  15. AXEMAN

    anyone tried one of the new high rate of fire triggers?

    Hiperfire and there is another one too. hiper is a bump fire from what I read. the other has a short reset. both are close to or over $500. just curious if they will catch on
  16. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Primary Arms scopes ?

    any chance you have a 300blk scope in the 1-6 with the acss reticle? or any 300blk scope at all?
  17. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Primary Arms scopes ?

    sarcasm. it was sarcasm
  18. AXEMAN

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Hi-Cap .45 anything wrong with a P14-1911?

    im looking at this Para. PARA: Black Ops Combat I have the local shop looking for one for me. I know para had issues in the past. ill see what this runs like. its got all the right features in the package for a decent price. there is STI and Caspian makes a double stack in titanium too. who...
  19. AXEMAN

    post quotes??

    I get notifications that I have a post quote. I click in and it takes me to my profile page, not to the post quote? how do I either see the post quote or stop the notifications?
  20. AXEMAN

    gun safe

    some if not most like to pay you a figure minus depreciation is what he means I bet. my camera gear was stolen and luckily I had EVERY receipt saved. they still paid off minus 10% even though I had to make that up when I replaced the equipment