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    SOLD WTS: Forster 6.5 Grendel Full Length Sizing Die

    Have this die extra and just cleaning up. Comes with a Lee die ring. No decapping pin. $25 shipped. Paypal discrete f&f.
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    SOLD WTS: Manners T4 w/ MCS-DBM Gen2 Mini Chassis SA

    Manners T4 with MCS DBM Gen2 Mini Chassis for Short Action. Carbon Fiber Elite Shell. Flush Cups Left Side Front and Rear, Rear Bottom. Two holes for Atlas Rail / ARCA Rail (not included), etc on front. GA Precision bedded for Tempest Short Action. Heavy Palma barrel channel. In great shape...
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    Optics WTS: Kahles k624i 6-24x56 SKMR3 LSW

    In great shape Kahles k624i SKMR3 for sale. Has a few small nicks in the finish / ding in the battery cap from an overcrowded safe. See pics for great condition. Glass is in great condition. Functions great. Box got a little dinged up in shipping(shipped separate from built rifle and scope...
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    Proof Research Barrel Order Lead Time?

    Hey guys, curious if anyone else has ordered any barrels from Proof Research lately? I ordered a 30cal 1:8tw 24" CF Sendero blank (standard part number 107881) from them in April(4/8) through Redhawk Rifles and still waiting. I understand and am sympathetic to the current firearm industry...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: ADG Brass for 300WM

    Looking for new ADG brass for 300WM. Would like to get a few more loaded for hunting season trips this year. Thanks!
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    Accessories WTB: Bartlein 6.5mm CF Barrel

    Specific ask to see if anyone has one they aren't going to use or don't plan to use for awhile since I can't seem to find one elsewhere. Looking for a Bartlein 6.5mm Black Carbon Fiber Barrel - #13 Rem Varmint Contour, 1:7.75"(preferred) or 1:7.5" twist, 24"(preferred) or 26" Blank or Tempest...
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    Accessories Remington 700 SS 300 Rem Ultra Mag Factory Barrel

    Cleaning out the gunroom of spare parts. Pulled off factory Remington 700 LSS rifle from 2000/2001. Stainless, 26", I believe 1-10" twist, Rem Mag Sporter Contour (Bartlein lists this contour as #19) Unsure of precise round count but definitely less than 100 factory rounds as it has only seen...
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    Accessories Cleaning Sale - Howa/Vanguard 20moa Rail, 300wm modified case

    Cleaning out some extra items I'm not using. Prices are shipped. Discrete F&F Paypal. EGW 20ma Howa Long Action Aluminum Scope Rail - $45 300 Win Mag Hornady Modified Case - $5 (or $2 if purchased with something else)
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    Accessories Manners PRS1 Long Action Stock - SOLD

    I don't want to sell this stock as I really really like it but ended up with more stocks than long action calibers I planned to build and want to fund finishing another build before hunting season. Manners PRS 1 in midnight camo / elite shell / inlet for Defiance Deviant Long Action, Proof...
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    Accessories SOLD

    Mags SOLD
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    Accessories Sold

    All sold
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Larry Willis Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    Want to try out the Larry Willis Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die. Let me know if you have one you'd like to move. Thanks!
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    Accessories FOUND

    Getting a rifle ready for class work and need an SP-4001. Let me know if you have one to move. Thanks! edit: Found
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    Reloading Equipment FOUND

    Well, having trouble finding a Forster Ultra Micrometer Die for 300wm. Hoping to get some more loaded up before season and looking for one now. Let me know if you have one you don't mind parting with. Preferred in white Forster box. Thanks! EDIT: Found one. Thanks!
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    Accessories FOUND

    Working on another build and want to add a 12" Arcalock rail and 30cal hellfire muzzle break w/ 5/8-24" adapter. Just thought I'd check used first. Thanks!
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Forster Dies, Giraud holders, AMP Pilots for 6.5Grendel, 300WM, 300 Wby, 300 RUM

    Looking specifically for Full Length Sizing Dies for 6.5Grendel, 300 wby mag, and Ultra Micrometer seaters for 300 win mag, 300 wby mag. White boxed, single dies, not sets. Starting to reload some more calibers and adding these. Will also be looking for giraud holders. amp pilots for 223rem...
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    Firearms WTB: Nevermind

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    Accessories WTB: SAC Modular Action Wrench or rear entry Howa 1500 / Vanguard Action Wrench

    SAC is out of stock on their Action Wrench. Thought I'd check here for anyone who may not need theirs before deciding if I want to back order. Thanks.