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  1. Jig Stick

    Suppressor on 16in AR

    Does anybody run a suppressor on a 16in upper? Im debating on weather or not to go through the hassle of getting an SBR. Would mounting my Specwar 7.62 on a 16in upper be awkward to maneuver?
  2. Jig Stick

    Help me set up my AR for my first course

    [/URL] This is what I have to work with for my first carbine course. A Preban Bushmaster XM15-E2S CAR15. I put in a BCM buffer tube, heavier spring and plug, some MagPul furniture, and a sling attachment point where the buffer tube meets the lower. I know it is not ideal, but it is what I have...
  3. Jig Stick

    Out of Spec lower receiver

    How can you tell if a lower receiver is out of "mil" spec? I have two Bushmaster lowers that I would like to register as SBR's, but have heard that Bushys have a reputation of being "out of spec". I have used both of these lowers on 3 different uppers without any problems fitting them together...
  4. Jig Stick

    Magazine won't engage

    I have a Bushmaster CAR15. Old school style. Preban. In great shape though. Im having a problem with it though. With the bolt closed….if I try to insert a loaded magazine into the magwell, it will not "catch" and retain in the rifle….it will drop free to the ground. If I have the bolt...
  5. Jig Stick

    Alice Clips

    Are most people still using alice clips to attach their molle gear? Has anyone used the Blackhawk speed clips or the Maxpedition TacTies? Im putting together some HSGI tacos and need to order some clips to attach them to a belt and plate carrier. What will secure it the most "snug"? Ive used...
  6. Jig Stick

    Training Courses

    I will be attending my first of many training courses on Nov 9th. I will be taking some private lessons from the guys at ATG Worldwide based in Lisbon Ohio. ATG Worldwide - Home Since I am fairly competent with my bolt action rifles out to 1200yds, my first 4 classes will be focusing on...
  7. Jig Stick

    Suppressors Ruger 22 Subsonics and SS Sparrow

    I was shooting my Ruger 22/45 with some CCI Subsonics yesterday through my SS Sparrow, and the pistol would not cycle. Im assuming its because the subtonics were not powerful enough to cycle the action. Anybody else have the same problem shooting subtonics out of the Ruger Mark 3 and 22/45?
  8. Jig Stick

    Montana Slings by P. Sinclair

    I hear these are the witches tit when it comes to hunting slings. I have a nice hand carved 30.06, and I think this sling would look right at home on a classic rifle like this. I am unsure about 1in vs 1.25in for the sling. What are most people using? Im fairly certain my rifle is well under...
  9. Jig Stick

    Range Report .270 Win Muzzle Velocity

    Is anyone getting over 3000fps with the 130g bullets out of a 24in barrel? I really want to cut this barrel at 24in. Ive had 26in barrels on hunting rifles before, and they are kind of annoying.
  10. Jig Stick

    Rifle Scopes NF NXS Compact Questions

    Im pulling the trigger on one of these scopes. The 2.5-10x42mm. Whats the consensus on the MIL-R reticle? It seems a little "odd", but its either that or standard mil dots if I want a mil reticle. I am used to the Leupold TMR reticle….its all I have shot up until this NF. It will be used on...
  11. Jig Stick

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski or NF

    Im looking for a scope for my .270win. Strictly for hunting. Whitetail deer, black bear, mule deer, elk. I was leaning hard towards the new NF 2.5-10x42 NXS Compact. But for the same money I could get into a pretty nice Swaro. Does anybody have any experience with the Swaro scopes? I see...
  12. Jig Stick

    6.5 SAUM: Whats the big deal

    From what I can gather, the 6.5 SAUM is very similar in ballistics to the 7 WSM. Both push 140g projectiles at similar velocity. Barrel life seems to be comparable. Besides a small difference in BC on projectiles, Im not sure what all the "hoopla" is about the 6.5 SAUM. For example, the BC of...
  13. Jig Stick

    270 Bullets

    I am having a hell of a time finding some 130g bullets for my 270win. Specifically the Hornady Interbond and Berger VLD. If anybody knows a source I would really appreciate it. I only need a box or two to hunt with this season.
  14. Jig Stick

    Rifle Scopes Compact Hunting Scope

    I need to purchase a scope for a new .270 hunting rifle that I just built. Shots will be taken out to 600yds most likely. Im trying to keep the gun lite as possible. What is everyones opinion between the Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32 FFP vs the newer Nightforce NXS Compact 2.5-10x32? Other than...
  15. Jig Stick

    Suppressors TBAC 30P-1 Bushing Help

    I would like to run my new 30-P1 on my .270 hunting rifle. The rifle has a #4 contour sporting barrel on it. I know its OD is well under the minimum required for the 30P threads, so I need to machine or buy some type of bushing to make it work. Does any company sell something like this? I...
  16. Jig Stick

    Suppressors Do suppressors make the gun run dirty?

    Recently started shooting suppressed. I have noticed that my actions are much dirtier afterwards. Is this normal? My lugs where dirty as hell, and bolt went from silky smooth to crushed glass.
  17. Jig Stick

    Suppressors Is this normal for a Suppressor?

    I took my rifles to get their barrels threaded yesterday. My buddy/gunsmith put the first barrel in the lathe, cut the threads, and then we screwed on my Thunderbeast 30p-1 to check run out….which was less than 5 thousandths…bore of the suppressor running dead nuts in the center on the...
  18. Jig Stick

    Suppressors Suppressor Alignment

    I will be having my barrels threaded next week for my TBAC 30P-1 and SWR Specwar 7.62. The brakes for the Specwar and TBAC both have 5/8x24 thread, so I am hoping that I can bounce back and forth between the two if I feel like it. Question..once the barrels are threaded…is there a way to...
  19. Jig Stick

    Hunting & Fishing Leather Rifle Sling

    My buddy just finished a stock for me, a beautiful hand carved claro walnut 30.06 for a Bat Action and Brux barrel. I would like to get a nice leather sling for it. Anybody have a good recommendation? I am not super keen on the Montana Rifle sling. The other problem I am having is how to...
  20. Jig Stick

    SBR Lower: Bushmaster vs...

    I have two Bushmaster XM15 stripped lower receivers that I purchased probably 6-7yrs ago. Im gonna be building an SBR with a BCM 10-13in upper on it, and be running a Specwar 7.62 suppressor on it. Im going to be married to whatever lower receiver I use for this build, because it is going to...