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  1. IanHusaberg

    Accessories WTS: Applied ballistics 308 175 gn. 10 boxes Factory ammo Lapua brass

    Want to sell: I have ten boxes(20 Rds.)of 308 applied ballistics 175 grain Sierra matchking BTHP. I think they loaded this in Lapua brass as well for reloading. I’m asking $60 a box shipped. I’ll take pay pay F&F or you pay the 3.5% fee. For questions or want pics text me at 3 zero 7 four 1...
  2. IanHusaberg

    Accessories WTT: 1625 22LR Federal 36gn hollow point

    Want to trade: like the title says I have a brand new ammo can of Federal 22 LR 36 grain hollow point. I’d like to trade it for a vortex strike eagle 1-8 with the newer reticle. For pics or questions please text me at 3 zero 7 four 1 three 2 three 4 six.
  3. IanHusaberg

    Accessories Wts:Black Hills 223 match ammo hunting heavies 69/75/77.

    WTS: I have two separate boxes 📦 of Black Hills 223 69 GN Matchking Hollow point moly coated (45 rounds) Second box is 223 75 GN Match BTHP Hollow point moly coated (45 rounds) I bought to test in a rifle a while back. I shot five rounds out of each box. I also have a box of Buffalo bore...
  4. IanHusaberg

    Optics WTS: Leupold Gold Ring 12-40x60

    Want to sell: I have for sale a Leupold gold ring spotting scope for sale. It is a 12-40 x 60mm. It is in perfect condition, no scratches on the glass. It has a multi camo cover, sitting in a KDG optics HUB. You can mount red dot sight, LRF, Kestrels to the outside of it. I’m asking $1150...
  5. IanHusaberg

    Accessories WTS: Proof Carbon Fiber 6.5 cm 22” threaded barrel *Price drop*

    Want to sell: I have a Proof Carbon fiber pre fit small shank 22” threaded pre-fit Savage barrel for sale. I have 195 rounds down the barrel. I also have go/no go gauges as well that I can rent to you if needed. I’m asking $750 shipped to your door. Insurance is on you. Fee’s are on you as well...
  6. IanHusaberg

    Optics Bushnell lmss 8-40x60 h32 w/rails

    I have a Bushnell LMSS 8-40x60 with the Horus H32 reticle. It comes with the factory rails at the 3, 9 and 12 position. I’m the second owner, no box. It is in like brand new condition with both lens covers. I’m asking $1250 shipped to your door. Fee’s and insurance are on you. I prefer pay pal...
  7. IanHusaberg

    Radical firearms repair?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone out there on the forum has had to send a rifle back to them for repair?My rifle was jamming right out of the box and it didn’t matter what magazine was used. They aren’t exactly being to timely about fixing my rifle either. Was wondering if anyone here had...
  8. IanHusaberg

    Optics Fs:Gen3 Razor 1-10 mrad Geiselle Mount

    For sale: I have a gen 3 Vortex razor 1-10 with a mrad reticle in a brand new Geiselle fde mount, no moa built in. I’m not really wanting to sell, but I trying to buy my first ever brand new truck. Absolutely nothing is wrong with scope or mount, both in 100% perfect condition. I’m asking $2500...
  9. IanHusaberg

    Optics *Sold*Cabela’s 6-24x50 FFP Moa 30mm*Sold*

    For sale: I have a cabela’s Covenant 4 6-24x50 first focal plane 30mm main tube moa Christmas tree reticle. I’m selling this scope because I bought another one with capped turrets for my hunting rifle that this one resides on. The glass in this is impressive for the price point. I paid $300...
  10. IanHusaberg

    Optics *Sold* Vortex Strike Eagle *sold*

    Fs: I have a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 I’d like to sell. It’s in excellent condition. It’s live most of its life in the safe. It’s been between three guns for a total of 200 rounds maybe? It has worked flawlessly for me, zero problems. I’ve had hits out to 600 yards with it. I’m asking $325...
  11. IanHusaberg

    Optics *sold*Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 Moa *sold*

    For sale: Brand new in the box Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 30mm main tube Moa Ebr-2c reticle. It has never been mounted. It’s only been taken out of the box to look through. I’m only selling because I went a little crazy this winter buying glass and have way more scopes than rifles right now...
  12. IanHusaberg

    Accessories FS: Tikka stainless pic rail

    For sale I have a take off tikka stainless rail from a ctr 6.5 It was never used. I trade a scope for a spuhr Mount. I’ll do $60 shipped. I’ll take pay pal f&f or you pay the fees. Check or money order. For photos text me @ 3 zero 7 four 1 three 2 three 4 six Thanks for looking!
  13. IanHusaberg

    Accessories Sold: Proof Carbon pre-fit savage 308 20”

    Want to sell: I have a Proof Carbon fiber Savage pre-fit 308 20” barrel. Less than 100 rounds down the pipe. I’m asking $725 shipped to your door. If you have questions or want photos please text me @ three 0 seven 4 one three 2 three 4 six. I’ll take pay pal f&f(regular, you pay 3% fees) usps...
  14. IanHusaberg

    Optics *Sold* spf: Minox ZP5 5-25x56 MR4 *sold* spf

    I have a brand new in the box Minox ZP5 5-25x56 with the MR4 reticle. I’m asking $2,500.00 shipped. I bought this for a future build, don’t have the rifle yet. I’m an Moa guy, this is a MIL/MIL scope. Glass is amazing. I’m not in a hurry to sell and won’t be doing price drops regularly to sell...
  15. IanHusaberg

    Sold: Sig Kilo 850 rangefinder *sold*

    I have a Sig Kilo 850 rangefinder I picked up this summer. I also just bought a new Bushnell. So one has to go. I’m asking $160 shipped. I’ll take pay pal, usps money order, personal check with seven day clearing period. It is in perfect working order and great/ perfect condition. I have the...
  16. IanHusaberg

    Poor CS w/ MDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I purchased two 12 round non binder plate magazines with MDT during their black friday two for the price of one event. I bought two back-ordered non binder plate magazines for the price of NONE. Some time before Christmas, I received two binder plate magazines. Well that does me a lot of no...
  17. IanHusaberg

    Windham 6.5

    I just bought a Windham 6.5 cm. Not really seeing a whole lot of info out there, anywhere? I took a little bit of a,“leap of faith” to say the least. It seemed like a good deal @$1k. It has a 20” fluted barrel, Luth-ar stock, pretty nice skeletonized hand guard. The trigger is a hyper fire...
  18. IanHusaberg

    Accessories WTB: Barrett MRAD barrel

    Like the title states. I’m looking for a 308 or 260 barrel conversion kit. Fluted, heavy or carbon fiber. Pm me if you have one you would part with it for a fair price. Thanks, Ian
  19. IanHusaberg

    Rifle Scopes Vortex AMG Best Price?

    Tried to buy a vortex amg 6-24x50, from mile high. Out of stock! Who has AMG’s for the same price or better than$1,899.00? And takes Pay Pal?
  20. IanHusaberg

    *SOLD*: Spyderco Stretch 2 Green/ZDP189 *SOLD*

    I have a Stretch 2 Spyderco for sale. I'd like $115 shipped to your door. It goes for $130 new. It has ZDP-189 steel. I'm the second owner of the knife. I did a trade for a scope recently. Its in brand new shape. Original box is included. I'll take USPS money order, check, Pay Pal F&F or...