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  1. Hateca

    Gunsmithing ? On PTG Bolt Body

    Are you accounting for the extractor riding over the rim? Not just after the extractor has seated over the case rim. Depending on the extractor, caliber, bolt nose counterbore, and any relief cut into the counterbore the extractor can hit the face of the barrel as the extractor try’s to snap...
  2. Hateca

    What China is saying about our "insurrection".

    Well ABC News did say the Dems need to “cleanse“ the population of Trump supporters. Didn’t the Nazi’s try cleansing a population once?
  3. Hateca

    Gunsmithing One shot before she goes in the trash

    Take a pic of the bottom metal and the stock inlet. Tac Ops used Williams and Remington mostly, they work the same but there are slight differences that could be hanging you up.
  4. Hateca

    Gunsmithing One shot before she goes in the trash

    stock doesn’t hold the box the box is sandwiched between the bottom metal and receiver. Tac Ops cut the stocks to use different bottom metal so this may be your issue but if you’re going to a mag system then it’s a moot point now.
  5. Hateca

    Gunsmithing One shot before she goes in the trash

    What bottom metal and what model return stock? Put the box into the receiver then the entire thing into the stock. Then install the bottom metal If you have a original USMC M40 return stock you may have other issues and would need more info to help.
  6. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

  7. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Lapped lugs look good?

    Do not use the barrel as a guide to lap. Do not use a fired case to lap. Do not lap with the firing pin assembly and trigger installed. Do not lap with ejector installed. Get and use a lapping fixture or some way to apply even pressure to the bolt while lapping. When done correctly it should...
  8. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    Didn’t say it was, in fact I see no difference In reamer life. Dial in the barrel at the lead on throat you will almost always need to pre bore to guarantee the chamber isn‘t out of round at the chamber mouth.
  9. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Anyone pre-bore with the floating reamer holder?

    I don’t do pre drilling and or boring any longer. The technique I use to dial in the barrel I found it didn’t same me any time and I found no major difference in my carbide reamer wear and the chambers were always straight. Depending on how you dial in your barrels the drill bit following the...
  10. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    HSS is not ideal but will work. Start paying a little extra and get the carbide readers you will thank yourself. I think you just got a barrel that is soft and gummy. It happens and I‘ve experienced the same with some stainless barrels. Call this a learning experience and keep moving forward.
  11. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    You might have said but is this a carbide reamer? If it is try increasing your speed to about 120. Carbide likes to cut at faster speeds. Like I said it‘s a learning thing. You could absolutely be cutting a barrel that is a little different. I’ve cut a few stainless barrels over my time that’s...
  12. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    Yes or he is letting the reamer and or the barrel get too hot during the cut.
  13. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    Depends on the caliber but a good rule of thumb is until the flute channels fill up with chips or heat starts to build or I feel a change in resistance. When I first start the chamber I keep feeding until I feel heat build up in the barrel, most of the reamer is outside the barrel and chips...
  14. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    That’s build up. As for pre boring and or roughing reamer prior to finish reaming, don’t believe everything you read or hear, learn from experience. Unless you are cutting hundreds of chambers your finish reamer is all you need. I’ve cut many chambers with nothing but finish reamers and have...
  15. Hateca

    I'm here looking for expert advice.

    My advise before you enter the money pit of building and feeding a custom or spec rifle is to get a factory rifle, say a Remington 700 Police or Tactical, new or used, good glass, good ammo, and go shoot. I’ve seen many of new shooters jump in with both feet and then decide it wasn’t for them...
  16. Hateca

    without warning - tuner muzzle brake (barrel tuner)

    My name is on that list but my patent was sold years ago to another company. One thing I learned is the type of patent matters and they are not bullet proof. Unless you have a high priced patent lawyer on retainer and you are making millions the patent isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and...
  17. Hateca

    Accessories WTS: 18 tooth AAC suppressor adapter made by Yankee Hill.

    18 tooth AAC suppressor adapter made by Yankee Hill. This is for 1/2x28 thread pitch. Came off my AR after I moved to a free state and went with Dead Air cans. This is a slightly used flash hider. Never had a suppressor attached. $85 shipped to the lower 48. You can PM but I don't always get...
  18. Hateca

    Gunsmithing Muzzle device not threading all the way in

    Don’t use shims and don’t start cutting a thing until you get a builder to look at that. If the shank is long for the the brake you removed, the Area 419 adapter could be bottoming out on the crown area of the barrel.