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  1. Langford

    Accessories New 22” Bartlein 223 AR barrel from Compass Lake Engineering

    I built this rifle last fall, but lost interest in the project. It was assembled, and then placed in the safe...not a single round down the pipe. I’m changing the setup to be something I’ll get more use out of. details on the barrel: Bartlein Barrel - Match Rifle > Barrel Type Bartlein 7...
  2. Langford

    Accessories WTB: Spuhr 3616

    Like the title says, I’m looking for Spuhr 3616. Don’t need the QD model. thanks in advance! ***got one***
  3. Langford

    Optics WTT: Minox Zp5 5-25 mr4 for a Kahles k318i

    I purchased this scope last fall for a long range precision AR build, but I’ve lost interest in the project...still haven’t put a round through it. The scope was mounted in a Spuhr mount, and has been in the safe since, besides for a few photos. I’m planning on turning the rifle into a lighter...
  4. Langford

    Accessories Bunch of parts, brakes, handguard, scope mount

    Cleaning out the spare parts bin SLR linear comp, 5/8x24 thread, 30 cal, multi-color finish...SOLD SLR 8.5” Helix Handguard...SOLD Area 419 Hellfire Brake, 5/8-24, 6.5mm...SOLD Silencerco ASR QD Mount, 9mm 1/2x28 single port brake....SOLD Fortis LA stock with Smoke Composites carbon fiber...
  5. Langford

    Accessories WTB: 30 Cal Silencerco Bravo Anchor Brake

    Just like the title states, I’m looking for a Silencerco Bravo Anchor Brake in 30 cal, I’d like to give one a try with my SiCo a Hybrid can. Thanks in advance!
  6. Langford

    Accessories WTB: Dead Air Keymo adapter, DA428

    I’d like to change my SiCo Hybrid to keymo mount to make swapping between rifles/cans easier. The Dead Air Omega/Nomad adapter, DA428 will work for what I need. Let me know what you have available. Thanks in advance!
  7. Langford

    Accessories WTB: Law Tactical folder, Gen 3

    WTB: Gen 3 Law Tactical folding stock adapter, black. I’m not sure why these are so hard to find currently, but everywhere I check is either out of stock or has a 20% markup. So if any site vendors here have a new one, or somebody has a good condition used one...let me know. I’d like to pick up...
  8. Langford

    Optics WTB: Trijicon RMR RM06, FDE or Coyote Brown

    Like the title states, I’m looking for a RMR, RM06 in either FDE or Coyote Brown, type 2, 3.25 MOA, adjustable LED. Looking for something to top a new FNX with. thanks in advance
  9. Langford

    Accessories WTB: Spuhr 4616 *found*

    Just like the title says, I’m looking for a Spuhr 4616...34mm, 1.5” high, cantilever, 20moa. Thanks in advance. ***Got one, thanks.***
  10. Langford

    Accessories Parts bin clean out, AR15 BCG’s & handguard

    I’m getting rid of a few parts that have been sitting in the parts bin for too long... First, Lantac enhanced BCG. This has the Nickel Boron coating. Less than 100 rounds on this one...**SOLD** Second is a FailZero nickel boron BCG. The bolt has no rounds on it, I used the carrier with a 6.5...
  11. Langford

    Accessories MDT LSS Gen2 chassis w/XLR buttstock

    Remington 700 short action Gen2 MDT LSS chassis. I picked this chassis up last year for a project that never ended up putting together. It’s had a barreled action test fit once, but that’s it. The buttstock is a XLR Tactical Lite, that was on one of my other rifles for a year or so. It’s used...
  12. Langford

    Accessories Custom B&C 700 SA stock **sold**

    I’m changing directions with one of my builds, so I’m selling the stock that I’ve had on it for a couple of years. This is the B&C tactical medalist style 6 stock, it has the aluminum block through the forearm and around the action, it was additionally epoxy bedded for a 700 short action...
  13. Langford

    Optics Ultimate hunting scope, Swarovski z8i 2.3-18x56

    Ultimate hunting scope...Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56. I’m changing up one of my hunting rifles to be more of a long range precision rig, and although I absolutely love this scope...I no longer have a place for it. It sat on a 6.5 Grendel AR for the last year or so, and is in 100% perfect condition...
  14. Langford

    Rifle Scopes LVPO with the best eye box?

    I’m working on a new AR build, and would like to top it with a quality LVPO, something that’s extremely quick and easy to get behind. LVPO’s are something I’m fairly inexperienced with, and I trust the opinions of the hide more so than most other places. I’ve heard nothing but good things...
  15. Langford

    Any SBR or Pistol bolt actions?

    I’ve got the itch for a new project...I’d like to build a pistol/SBR tailored around Michigan’s “pistol cartridge” law for whitetail hunting in the southern part of the state. What I have in my head is a 10” barreled 450 Bushmaster on a 700 action, in a MDT LSS chassis, starting with a pistol...
  16. Langford

    WTB: Beretta M9 Army edition grips

    I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for 2 sets of the green aluminum grips that came on the Beretta M9 Army special edition pistols. I bought the Hogue “olive drab” aluminum grips, hoping they would be similar...but whoever picked this color at hogue thought OD and mint green were the...
  17. Langford

    WTB: Spuhr 4616

    WTB: Spuhr 4616 I’m looking for a new or used Spuhr 4616, which is a 1.5” height, 20moa cant, cantilever mount for a 34mm tube. Let me know what you have and prices. Thanks in advance!
  18. Langford

    WTB: Triggertech AR Diamond

    Like the title states, I’m looking for a new or used triggertech AR Diamond trigger, preferably the flat blade model. Thanks
  19. Langford

    WTB: XLR Tactical stock

    I’m looking for a good condition XLR Tactical or XLR AR Tactical Buttstock. Not really interested in the Lite model, trying to offset the weight of a heavy barrel a bit. Thanks in advance!
  20. Langford

    Building a 223 precision AR...barrel?

    I’m in the process of collecting parts for a precision 223 build, and I’m going back and forth on barrels. The rifle will be used shooting either prone or off of a bench at 500-1000 yards mainly. It’ll be going on a set of KAC receivers. Three in eyeing: -JP 20” supermatch -proof carbon...