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  1. Hateca

    Accessories WTS: 18 tooth AAC suppressor adapter made by Yankee Hill.

    18 tooth AAC suppressor adapter made by Yankee Hill. This is for 1/2x28 thread pitch. Came off my AR after I moved to a free state and went with Dead Air cans. This is a slightly used flash hider. Never had a suppressor attached. $85 shipped to the lower 48. You can PM but I don't always get...
  2. Hateca

    Accessories SOLD: TriggerTech trigger Remington 700

    Not needed went another direction. Brand new still in the box never open factory sealed. Trigger Tech Diamond trigger with safety for the Remington 700. $250 SOLD shipped to the lower 48. AK and HI contact me first. If you post you will take it follow up with an email. Best to contact...
  3. Hateca

    Accessories WTB: Walnut M40 Stock

    Looking for a Remington 700 short action right hand Police walnut stock or the USMC M40 reproduction stock. The walnut police was made in the 1980's and the M40 reproduction was around 2011. Or any other M40 stock that might be out there. I will buy or trade. Contact me at...
  4. Hateca

    Accessories FOUND: 1903A3 or A4 stock.

    Looking for a "C" stock for a 1903A4 or A3. Can be original or it can be a Keystone replacement. Let me know what you have or point me to someone that might have one. I can pay or maybe trade stuff. Thanks, I don't always get PM and email through the forum can bounce back. You can get me at...
  5. Hateca

    Accessories WTS: Fajen Laminated Remington SA stock, Henderson, NV

    From personal collection. Fajen laminated coffee stock for a Remington short action. This will fit the Sendero or Varmint barrel. This stock looks new. This is Fajen when Fajen was in business prior to Larry Potterfield messing things up. $250.00 shipped to the lower 48, AK and HI talk to...
  6. Hateca

    Firearms WTS/WTT: A few run of the mill rifles, UPDATED 11/07/2020

    From personal collection. EMAIL ME WITH QUESTION Thinning out stuff after my move. More will be added as I get to them. All have very little use. If you have any questions you can email at RDPRECISION@VERIZON.NET I do not always get email through the forum it will sometimes bounce back...
  7. Hateca

    Accessories WTB: Dead Air muzzle brake or flash hider 1/2x28

    Just what it says I need a Muzzle brake or Flash Hider for a Dead Air Key-Mo 1/2x28, either one will work. Let me know.
  8. Hateca

    Reloading Equipment SOLD: New Lake City Match .308 brass

    From personal collection, Five Three One SOLD bag of 200 rounds new un-fired virgin Lake City Match 1996 .308 brass. $80 shipped per bag to the lower 48 GONE UNTIL I DIG MORE OUT Trade, Looking for a PACT CLUB III TIMER towards trade Best to contact me at, Forum...
  9. Hateca

    Optics *SOLD* Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 Henderson, NV

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 NPR-2 reticle, with zero stop, MOA. TPS 30mm steel rings lows. Scope looks brand new. $1550 OBO SOLD shipped to the lower 48, AK and HI contact me first. PayPal, Zelle, Postal Money Order.
  10. Hateca

    Optics Found one local: Spuhr SP-3001: 30mm Picatinny Mount 0MIL/0MOA - 1.181

    Like it says I'm looking for an un-abused Spuhr SP-3001: 30mm Picatinny Mount 0MIL/0MOA - 1.181 Contact me at with any pics and what you have.
  11. Hateca

    Optics Found one

    Looking for a un-abused Vortex Razor HD AMG 6.24x50 EBR-7B MOA Shoot me an email at with what you might have sitting around not getting used.
  12. Hateca

    *SPF* Izhmash Biathlon 22wmr update 11/04/19

    From individual collection Izhmash Biathlon 7-2-KO, 20", 22wmr. The .22LR version is hard to locate the WMR is even harder. These are no longer imported. Russian toggle bolt action very smooth. Comes with one mag. Rifle is in excellent condition. No box, rifle will ship in hard case...
  13. Hateca

    *SOLD* McMillan A5 for A-Bolt

    This is one you don't see every day. This is a McMillan A5 inletted for the Browning A-Bolt short action with factory two piece bottom metal. Barrel channel is very similar to Remington varmint contour (Sendero). Standard fill, never been bedded. Three color marble, black, OD, tan. Standard...
  14. Hateca

    *SOLD* NightForce NXS 3.5-15x50, Henderson NV $1125

    Excellent condition Night Force NXS 3.5-15x50, NO ZERO STOP, NPR2 Reticle, TPS Tactical steel rings still on the scope, Box, and paperwork with the scope. Not a mark on the scope I can see. Can't see under the rings and don't want to remove them. $1125 *SOLD* shipped to the lower 48. No...
  15. Hateca

    WTS: NightForce NXS *SOLD*

    Excellent condition Night Force NXS 5.5-22x50, Non Zero Stop, NPR2 Illuminated Reticle, TPS Tactical rings Still on the scope, Box and paperwork with the scope. $1225 *SOLD* shipped to the lower 48. No trades, best to contact me by email I don't always see the PM's in time.
  16. Hateca

    Emergency message from R&D Precision *UPDATE*

    We have a family medical emergency that is being taking care of but it will keep me away from the phone and the computer most of the time. I will not be in the shop for at least the next five days. If you send an email I will eventually return it at intermittent times. Phone calls are almost...
  17. Hateca

    Walking Varmint

    Walking varmint. 8lbs as you see it RAD Guardian AW action Stiller .187 lug pinned Schneider P5 1-12 twist varmint contour fluted barrel 19” OAL .308 Match Custom one port muzzle brake Custom 20-MOA two piece base RAD Med bolt knob Badger M5 Rem gen I trigger McMillan A3 Carbon Edge stock...
  18. Hateca

    Double vision

    Both, Trued Rem 700 Bartlein Rem Varmint barrel 22” OAL .308 match chamber Rifle Basix trigger RAD Custom bottom metal McMillan A5 with RAD camo Holland lug pinned Devcon / pillar bedding both action and bottom metal Moly Tan finish RAD Med bolt knob
  19. Hateca

    Not so new RAD Bolt knobs

    Have had these for awhile and use them on builds. All 7075 T6 aluminum with hard coat type III matt black anodize. Bolt knob with 1/2 inch hex head for Badger ring cross bolts. Bolt knob with 7/16 inch hex head for TPS ring cross bolts. Medium knob. Small knob. Large stainless...
  20. Hateca

    Background color

    When picking the "style" of the viewable pages here in the "SereneSniper" style did anyone else’s background go from white to gray, or am I crazy?