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  1. lht645


    Have you all noticed people getting more rude with each other? I'm a low key sort or at least I keep to my self and tread lightly. Can't recall the last time I had a real conflict with anyone. Granted I'm approaching 60, and not a partier. I'm not a big guy but I'm still in shape. So not...
  2. lht645

    Vandalism in Charleston

    Well it's starting in Charleston, S.C. Monuments in the Battery are being defaced and the highway is blocked by protesters as well as King St. Typically not a violent city, though no one has vandalized the parks before either as far as I know. I wonder how many of the protesters are actually...
  3. lht645

    John Lott

    I notice a John Lott joined today, is that THE John Lott of "More Guns Less Violence" fame? Welcome aboard sir!
  4. lht645

    Gunsmithing New Stock Question

    I just switched from a B&C stock to a Manners, which I bedded with marine Tex. My rifle when from a one hole group at 100 yards to a one inch group. Retourqued everything no improvement. I suspect but want to solicit opinions, could I have affected harmonics? Should I try a little load...
  5. lht645

    Movie Theater Battle for Sevastopol

    Oh yeah, well done and in my opinion worth watching, Ludmila Pavilovich (sp) story on Amazon Prime.
  6. lht645

    Cabelas sale

    The Cabelas in Ft Mills SC has their APO Sabre 700 for sale for $899 6.5 Creed $999 308 Win
  7. lht645

    Velocity Change do to Temperature

    I am using the following load in a 22", Stiller Tac-30 in 308. I got 2638 FPS at 87 degrees in the summer and in the winter (for SC) I'm getting 2575 at 55 degrees. Any thoughts on if this is reasonable for temperature based velocity change using Varget ? It was more than I expected ? Strings of...
  8. lht645

    Suppressors SPEQ Discount

    Anyone have any experience using Silencerco's SPEQ purchasing program? What kind of discount are they offering?
  9. lht645

    Eric Church Done listening to him, needs to go the way of the Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill.