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    1911 style safety for Ruger 22/45

    Does anyone make a drop in replacement for the safety on a Ruger 22/45? It works but isn't quite right. I'd like to get all my parts together when I break into it to work on the trigger and get rid of that damn mag-safe disconnect. Thanks. jeff
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    help threading a Russian Biathlon Basic

    I've had a BB for years, but I'll be receiving a Silencerco Sparrow shortly (when the NFA deems me worthy). I dropped off my rifle with my smith today, but I'm a little squeamish because I can't really replace this rife and it's one of my favorites. Any help and especially pics would be...
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    Recommendations for 8,000watt gas generator

    I had my heart set on a slow turning diesel generator for emergency backup power for my house and small farm, but it's hard to justify a $5,000 heavy generator for something you hope to never need. I have a small home that is all electric except for a LP furnace. I've put an amp meter on my...
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    Long Range Security Camera Options (330 yards)

    Either I'm getting more paranoid or things are getting spookier. I live in a very rural area and have a small hobby farm (100 acres). I'd like to set up a video surveillance system for the house and include 1 or 2 camera for the farm entrance as well. I'd like to have them all feed into one...
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    Experience with Mil Surplus Diesel Generators

    I'm looking for some help with backup power for the house. I am pretty much sold on diesel for a power supply and I'd like to have something in the 8-10KW range supplying 240v. My limited research has shown a generator that is liquid cooled and runs at 1800 rpm instead of 3600 rpm has a...
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    Interesting results

    Long story short is I made a target to test MOA accuracy of my centerfire rifles and thought it might be fun to try my rimfire using the same target but closer ranges. The target was made to be MOA from 100-500 and I have another for 600-800 yards. I shot this today using 2 shots at 50...
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    Security films for glass doors and windows

    I find this technology interesting and I see videos of people installing it themselves. I have a couple places I'd like to use this for intruder resistance and airborne debris protection. Does anyone have specific experience with these products? Can these products be purchased by homeowners...
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    Suppressors Evolution of my daily carry components

    I've been carrying for years, and it seems the more I shoot/train the more I realize what works for me. What are your thoughts? This isn't a gun specific discussion as that is way too personal. I'd like to hear what you carry and why to adapt to daily situations.
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    Help with HID headlight conversion

    My wife drives 60 miles a day in a rural area and much of it after dark when animals and stupid people roam. She drives a 1999 Chevy Caviler with 200K miles on it. Don't laugh! It costs less than 12 cents/mile to operate and we can't afford to get rid of it. Her headlights are a joke. If...
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    Suppressors Airsoft training help

    I've always been one to make fun of the Airsofters, but a buddy let me run his Glock 19 gas gun and it was shockingly good training. I'm totally uneducated on this technology and want something for training that will give good feedback and few problems. I have no problem spending a little to...
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    Suppressors After my Cyclone which suppressor is next?

    I have had my AAC Cyclone K for almost 2 years. I have several thousand rounds through it and have experienced less felt recoil, slightly better accuracy, and much more pleasant rifle to shoot. The Cyclone was my first suppressor and since then I have learned more and would like those same...
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    Importance of bedding and 1/2" MOA Guarantee

    I pulled my barreled action for the first time in years, and expected a shift when I torqued it down again. This was bedded by G&A, and although it may have come with a 1/2 MOA guarantee I obviously don't! No adjustments were made to the scope.
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    Rifle Scopes Using the MST-100

    I've received some PM's regarding zeroing and shooting the MST-100. I can sympathize. It's easily the hardest optic to setup I've ever used. I thought I would try to compile the information like in the "M40a1 Build Guide" in the Rifles section. Most of us can identify this optic, but very...
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    Rifle Scopes Fast Fire, Doctor Optics... type optics?

    I'm building a pretty simple AR (Recce'ish) rifle and have used Eotechs, Aimpoints before, but would like to keep the weight down to a minimum if possible. I like the Aimpoint T1's but the cost is a little high for a fun rifle. Do these smaller optics hold up to weekend warrior use, and what...
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    Some fun with new .22 tactical targets @ 50-100

    I've had these for a while, but haven't had the notion to try them. I put together a .22 trainer over the winter, but haven't shot it much. It's been too nice outside so I've been shooting my .308. Today I went out to try these targets, and wasn't disappointed at all in my Annie's...
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    Tranquilizer rifles for livestock

    My mother in-law called this morning with an odd question. My in-laws operate a 200 head purebred cattle farm. They have some temperamental animals that need meds, but they can't get near them. She called her gun toting son in-law and now I'm asking you guys. Can I get one of these? How do...
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    Remington 700 firing pin problem

    This is a well used Remington 700 with a total of around 7 thousand rounds thru it so I'm not complaining about the rifle, but I was getting some really odd results yesterday. It was piercing primers (which it has never done) and getting light primer strikes during the same day using ammo that...
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    More Anschutz MPR results

    Picked up a Leupold 4.5-14x40 LRT (w/mildot) and mounted it using a B-Square rail adapter, and Leupold PRW low 30mm rings. All shots were fired using Wolf Match Target. Zeroing started at 40 yards and I can say I was pretty happy. 4 5 shot groups averaged .169". I then moved back to 100...
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    Rifle Scopes For you M40a1/MST-100 guys

    I'm shooting a tac tourney tomorrow, and decided to bring out the old girl for the match. I zeroed today, and had to remember how zero the scope. It seems every time I forget, and then have to relearn. I thought you guys waiting for your scopes could use a fix. I'll update with my results...
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    New Anschutz MPR results so far

    I picked up my new MPR yesterday. The trigger is outstanding. I may have to increase the pull weight to more closely match my other rifles. The first groups at 100 yards were right at 1" in somewhat windy conditions with Wolf Match. Ergonomics are very good so far. Updated with pics today: