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    Accessories WTB Ergo Tactical Deluxe grip with grip tang

    I want to buy an Ergo Tactical deluxe grip with extended tang. Black or fde is fine. Must be 2 to 3 years old or more. Please send a picture installed on your rifle or lower so that I can confirm the correct model and condition. Willing to pay $40 shipped.
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    For those of you with the, how far can you expect to range with regularity. Compare with a sig 3000. I'm torn between some options as I would like the great glass but also performance. The sig sounds great but not sure I would like the glass for big game. I also want precision readings...
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    Accessories Sold

    Looking for a 50% off TBAC certificate. Offering $250. Must be valid. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes Mark 5 issue

    I just got my mk5 3.6-18x44 today and have an issue I'm uncertain of. The scope turret locks in at zero. I push the detent lock in to release it and start turning. At one revolution the detent becomes flush with the turret body but the top indicator button doesn't move from its original flush...
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    Suppressors Muzzle brake/flash hider effect on suppressor

    Anyone know what effect muzzle brakes and flash hiders have when used with you suppressor? I may be forced to go from a brake to a flash hider as my TBAC ultra 7 continually locks on my brake and ends up twisting my brake off the barrel. I've been lucky so far and somehow it releases just in...
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    Chamber issue

    Does anyone know if a new round should fully chamber by finger pressure or light forward assist preasure only. I have a scar17 and wanted to check ogives and can't get the bolt lugs to fully seat and rotate and lock up unless I pull the charging handle and let it go. These are new factory...