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    Reloading Bench Porn

    I don't know if you have a local Sam's club, but they have sold a 6' x 2' butcher block bench for probably 20 years for $200. They finally raised the price about $10. I have 2 as they are by far the best deal for benches I've seen. I wouldn't even consider building one unless you have a bunch...
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    AND.... Another 'special' cartridge that will fall into the niche category with limited supply/mfg. coverage... The Browning 6.8 Western.

    I think it fits a perfect niche. Ammo that's in stock and that which is not in stock. I literally saw it on the shelf at scheels yesterday right next to the ever popular 350 legend and 224 valkyrie. Grab it while you can, I've heard you can rebore your crappy 223's by cramming it in the chamber...
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    SCAR 20S optic choice?

    Scar 17: mk6 1-6 Scar 20s 308: mk5 3.6-18 Scar 20s 6.5cm: ZCO 4-20 These are my setups and wouldn't change a thing.
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    Accessories WTB Ergo Tactical Deluxe grip with grip tang

    I want to buy an Ergo Tactical deluxe grip with extended tang. Black or fde is fine. Must be 2 to 3 years old or more. Please send a picture installed on your rifle or lower so that I can confirm the correct model and condition. Willing to pay $40 shipped.
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    Scar 20s 6.5

    I finally got my zco 4x20 with mpct3 this week to finish my 6.5 mk20. I took a few shots to get it on paper and dialed to correct for impact and proceeded to put one right in the bullseye. Then finished up with two more shots for 1/2" group. I then started getting dope out to 700 yards and was...
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    Scar 20s 6.5

    Scheels seems to have 20s 6.5's and 308's in stock pretty consistently. Not cheap though. If the political environment wasn't so unstable you could snag a good deal on a 6.5 on gunbroker by summer. 308's are plentiful. If you really want one I'd pay the premium. I did. Not happy about it, but...
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    I would jump at that price in a heartbeat. I got mine for $2634+tax. Absolutely love em. I've ranged out to almost 3600y.
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    What to buy with stimulus

    If you want a semi I would get the whole unit now. Maybe some high wear parts if you can find them. If sniff & suck get in power they will shut everything down asap. Parts sales, online etc. Receiver paperweights will be useless. I am thinking they will shut down the atf and freeze our jail...
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    Long shot, but has anyone cut down a Scar 20?

    I recently cut my 20s down to 18" to get rid of the lousy step down at the last 2". It feels perfect to me right now. Lighter, better balance and my accuracy improved. I could care less about warranty as fn wouldn't give you parts much less the time of day regardless. I probably voided it when...
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    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Anyone here shooting a 24" 338lm? It looks like you only give up about 40 fps off the 26" according to a barrel cutting test online. It would be a bit more handy.
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    Best long range factory gas gun?

    Too bad you're looking for a unicorn now. The LMT MWS would be right up your alley. Good luck finding one. I am a Scar fan and those can be found at the moment. Scheels had a wall of them yesterday. The 6.5 or 308 mk 20's. They are expensive and a bit heavy but I prefer them. I recently cut my...
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    Who's your favorite YOUTUBEr ?

    Small Arms Solutions Iraqiveteran8888 Colion Noir Larry Vickers Alabama Arsenal Garland Thumb (on occasion) 6.5 Guys. They seem to be done Ultimate Reloader Fun Politics: Paul Joseph Watson
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    What are you buying before Biden is in.

    Chop sticks and an English mandarin dictionary
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    Colonoscopy prep..

    I literally just had that procedure this morning. I had no problems at all. Worst part: the fucking covid jackhammer in your brain test. Worst pain I've ever experienced. I just about ripped the lab worker through the car window. Best part: getting knocked out. Lala land. And lunch after.
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    SCAR17 - Reducing Vibration and Recoil Impulse for Optics?

    I would dip the whole rifle in plastidip followed by the finest goose down feathers you can buy and then gorilla glue egg crate foam on the scope. LOL. Just kidding. I think your overthinking it. I have never damaged a scope on my scars and don't worry about it. On the "internets" stories get...
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    Leica vs Zeiss victory rf?

    Leica. I've looked through all three of the top dogs, Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss and for the $ and features it's hard to beat Leica. All three are fantastic in their own right, Zeiss seemed maybe a teeny bit brighter and true to color and had a smaller lighter profile, but also a pinky activated...
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    I cracked and went for the's. Got a great deal and really wanted the extra bit of ranging ability. I'll compare with my friend's hd-r 2700's. If I get a kestrel I'll have options.
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    I tend to agree with you. I have a buddy with 2700R's who loves his. They are very pleasant to look through. I'm just hoping I wouldn't leave anything on the table by not upgrading. I'm mostly wondering what real world ranging difference there is. I'd like a powerful reliable laser bino with...
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    I'm really torn between the HD-R 2700 and the 3200.coms. $1k price difference would buy a set of Sig 3000 bdx's as well. I wonder what the practical difference in performance is between the leica models above. (not including kestrel interface).
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    Leica geovid ranging abilities

    For those of you with the, how far can you expect to range with regularity. Compare with a sig 3000. I'm torn between some options as I would like the great glass but also performance. The sig sounds great but not sure I would like the glass for big game. I also want precision readings...