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  1. sodakhunter

    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Does anyone here have a recommendation fir a replacement pic rail for an A1? Primal rights had some aluminum ones but i think they dont sell them anymore.
  2. sodakhunter

    Henderson precision trimmer

    Henderson is worth the wait.
  3. sodakhunter

    Accessories WTB Pic Rail for Desert Tech SRSA1

    The plastic one that came with my Desert Tech SRS A1 broke. Id like to buy one of the Primal Rights aluminum ones but anything will do. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  4. sodakhunter

    Firearms 6.5 Prc shorty

    I cant believe someone hasnt snagged this rig by now.
  5. sodakhunter

    Tumbling Dust Removal - Any Tips/Tricks?

    I will have to try this. It would be nice not to have to clean each flash hole and if the stuff fits through the hole may even clean it up a bit.
  6. sodakhunter

    Firearms WTB 204 Ruger Upper

    Sending a PM
  7. sodakhunter

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Barnes 30 caliber 150 TTSX ( bullets or loaded factory ammo)

    I may have some. Im looking more to trade than sell. Let me know how many and if i find em i will PM you. specifically looking for 6.5 156gr Bergers but will consider about anything useful.
  8. sodakhunter

    Hatch Bipod: Any Reviews? Experiences?

    @carbonbased True. Lol. That didnt really read the best. Hatch works good for sneak and peek hunting and sets up fast. For still hunting get a tripod or blend in. Good call out. I isually smoke a big cigar and the smoke provides not only visual cover but also masks any human odor too 🤠
  9. sodakhunter

    Reloading Equipment 40 brass

    Ill take one box.
  10. sodakhunter

    Hatch Bipod: Any Reviews? Experiences?

    Ive used mine on lots of rails and it worked on all. Was tight on one so i sanded a bit off and worked fine. These are great hunting bipods that allow for shooting over grass and weeds and up or down hill from a seated position etc. I
  11. sodakhunter

    Hunting & Fishing Idaho Elk/Mule Deer Hunt Questions

    I was in Idaho this fall for a week. Get some good boots with insulation kennetrek or Crispis. I have lots of Kuiu stiff and it worked well. Wool base layers seemed to dry faster i have a First lite sawtooth hybred jacket that i took. First hoodie thing i ever used and i was glad i had it...
  12. sodakhunter

    SOLD WTS Impact round bolt knob.

    Ill send a PM
  13. sodakhunter

    SOLD WTS Impact round bolt knob.

    Ill take this.
  14. sodakhunter

    New press announcement from Area 419

    I was waiting on an email from A 419 to let me know when these presses came back in stock through their website. Never got one but was able to get one in the cart and check out. Still waiting on bunch of stuff from first week of Dec. as well. Guess it will be a surprise when it shows. So if your...
  15. sodakhunter

    22 creedmoor. Build. ???????

    Impact 22” Benchmark carbon 8 twist was recommended to me by TS Customs for a build. Travis knows what works and builds some nice stuff that are easy to load for. Lots of good smiths out there and good actions too.