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    Browning BAR Mk3 forearm screw

    Looking for a screw that goes into end of forearm. My buddies seems to have disappeared and the forearm is loose. Zero parts diagrams online. Any help given is appreciated
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    Hunting & Fishing Can’t stand a poacher

    Tactacam Reveal cell cam quits sending pics 8 days ago. Get to it today. Camera Is there, powered off. SD card and SIM card both missing. Man I’m not happy. Doesn’t appear that anyone was in my stand. Still absolutely pisses me off
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    Check your WalMarts

    Picked up a scoped Remington 700 youth model in .243 WIN for less than $200 out the door. All the long guns are on clearance. Scope is hot garbage, will definitely replace before my 5.5 year old gets behind the trigger.
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    Hunting & Fishing Traveling with a 4x6 box stand

    Guys, Almost finished building a new 4x6 stand. What’s the thoughts on putting it on my 5x8 trailer and traveling to the lease with it in tact minus the roof? Will have it strapped down, trailer has a gate so it can’t slide off. Total distance is about 180 miles with 155 of that pure interstate...
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    Need a first rifle for my son

    Guys, looking for input. I’m a deer hunter, would love my son to join me. He’s currently 5 and a half. IMO, he’s a little too young. I’d like to get him a bolt action now and have him come to the range with me to get used to shooting it. Question is, what to get and in what caliber??? Thx
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    Accessories WTB 6.5 CM Berger Ammo 135gr Classic Hunter

    Guys, looking for a case. It’s like trying to find a unicorn. Will take anything from boxes to a full case. TIA
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    Daniel Defense DD5V4 Hunter in 6.5 CM

    Anyone own one? Gifting myself one for Xmas if the feedback is positive. Used the search function and only found info about the earlier models. Like the weight, full length gas system and the upgraded trigger for the money. Should be an ample whitetail weapon as well as a good hog slapped. Any...
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    Hunting & Fishing Best seed for food plots

    Guys, Currently a member in a 2500+ acre whitetail lease in N Louisiana. We’ve been shredding, disking and planting (historically) during a work weekend about a month prior to the opening of rifle season. Our food plots suck. Been using Buck Busters Trophy Mix for the last 5+ years. Looking for...
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    Suppressors Anyone put a can on Browning ABolt II?

    It's now legal to hunt with them in Louisiana. Just wondering if anyone else has swapped out a BOSS system for a suppressor. Thinking long and hard about doing it with my 30-06 and SF SOCOM. Only necessary pieces would be a muzzle break for the quick attach system and an adapter to go from...
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    Which SBR to buy?

    OK guys, got my NFA trust done. Got a few cans on paper file with the ATF. Next up, the SBR. Let's throw price tags out the window. I basically narrowed it down to 2 different guns. Have prices on both from a trusted friend in the industry. 1) Daniels Defense Mark 18 2) LMT LM8 SBR. I know the...
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    Suppressors New can sitting at the shop, paper file or wait for the e file?

    So, looking at the form 4 wait times thread, I see paper form taking 12-15 months. The e file guys average 6 months. Should I wait a couple of more weeks and see if the ATF magically fixes the system or just go ahead and paper file and let the wait begin?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Best .22 pistol to run a suppressor on?

    Got my NFA trust set up. Ordered my can for a bolt gun. Want one for a .22 for shits and giggles. I've heard mixed reviews on which pistol is best. Choices are Browning Buckmark, Walther, and sig mosquito. The Ruger Mark III would work but the metal framed ones don't come with a threaded barrel...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns S&W M&P colored floor plates for mags

    as the title states, looking to buy colored floor plates for my M&P. any ideas on where to get em?
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    Trouble finding HK style hooks big enough

    As the title says, I need either HK style hooks or the mash style hooks that are 1.48". I bought a brand new AI AE mk iii on Christmas Eve and was given a free sling to accompany it. All i needed to do was buy hooks from somewhere. I get online, looked at blue force gear (where I bought my 2...
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    Desperate! Need Federal Large Rifle Match Primers!

    As the title says, I am desperate. Bought a brand new AI AE mk iii and CANNOT find Federal large rifle match primers. Anyone have a lead on some? I'd be willing to pay for em if you have some to sell. I'm in need brothers!
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    Suppressors New to suppressors, LLC or Trust and why

    As the heading says I'm new to suppressors. I would like to get one for the new AI AE I'm buying myself for Christmas. I realize that everything involving the government will take time, so I'm in no rush to get one ordered. I'd like to find out which is easier to use, an LLC or a trust. I would...
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    LMT MRP LM8 Price Check

    Ok, I have the ability to purchase a NIB LM8 this week. Just curious as to what you guys are seeing as real world price tags. MSRP on the LMT website says $2300. I know my shop will be under that, just not sure of how much under. What says the Hide crowd? Thanks in advance
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    Who bought up all the Federal Primers??

    Trying to place my order for reloading supplies. Me and BIL grouped all of our stuff together to cut down on the HAZMAT charge from UPS. Buy our powder and bullets, go to buy primers....none to be had. Tried a few other sites, same issue. Does anyone know what the deal is? Everyone seems to be...
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    Rifle Scopes 50 MM Front scope Cover for a Leupold Mark 4

    Guys, Seemed to have broken my front scope cover on my Mark 4 this weekend. The only one I find online is an aluminum one and is 50 bucks. Mine came with the scope and is plastic. Anyone have a line on one like this or have one laying around that they want to sell? I tried searching, but got no...
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    Waiting on the big brown truck

    Just tracked my package....It's out for delivery....This wait may kill me...I've been waiting since February for my new toy. APA .280 AI, on its way in from CorBon after the guys over there did a load development for me. I'll post some pics as soon as I get it in. Gonna be a hunting/tactical...